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    “Ephemera” perfumes created by Geza Schoen and produced by Unsound now on sale

    In April this year, Unsound launched its “Ephemera” project as part of Unsound Festival New York - a synesthetic installation in which perfumes were inspired by genres and sounds of electronic music.

    The nose behind the project was Berliner Geza Schoen, known for his groundbreaking series...

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    The Dream Is Over

    The last day of Unsound is looming down upon us with three final events.

    Craig Leon performs his groundbreaking synth record “Nommos” live. “Nommos” was originally intended to be orchestral, and at Unsound will be presented with a 35-member ensemble from Sinfonietta Cracovia. New live visuals...

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    Unsound Launches "Ephemera", A Perfume Series Connecting Scent and Sound

    Unsound has a reputation as a festival that presents unconventional music and commissioned works - not only in its home base of Krakow, but also in New York, London, Adelaide, Minsk, and elsewhere.

    In April this year, Unsound announced the launch of its “Ephemera” project as part of Unsound...

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Stara Rzeka
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Pete Swanson
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Demdike Stare, Michael England and Sinfonietta Cracovia
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Suzanne Ciani & Neotantrik
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Robert Piotrowicz
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DVA Damas
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Hubert Zemler
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Young Male
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Robert Piernikowski
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The Phantom
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Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
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Oren Ambarchi with Sinfonietta Cracovia Quintet & Friends
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Demdike Stare, Michael England and Sinfonietta Cracovia
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Durian Brothers
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Ben Frost
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Paweł Kulczyński
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Evian Christ
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