In addition to the music and discourse programs, Unsound Adelaide will host three new sound installations in the Bicentennial Conservatory in Adelaide Botanic Garden. The works have been selected to create contrasts and interplay with their botanical environment.

Chris Watson is one of the world’s foremost field recordists. Chris makes field recordings for BBC nature documentaries by David Attenborough and feature films and released albums on the experimental label Touch. His installation Mare Balticum - Narva Wall Mix is a multichannel piece tracking the onset of Winter from the Baltic Sea off the coast of Estonia, heading northwards across Finland to the frozen ocean around the Arctic island of Kvitøya.

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - aka Dom Fernow of Prurient fame - has created something very different. Shield Ferns / Brown Pine Magic is a completely synthetic field recording.

The third piece is How Deep Is Your Love is by Leyland Kirby - also known as The Caretaker. He has created a sound installation that will take listeners through a dark, dense and atmospheric imaginary underwater world. In the words of Leyland, the work will a chance to “escape the world of fools on land by being immersed in the sounds of deep waters.”

The installations are all free of charge, suitable for all ages and will open on Thursday 16 November. More information coming soon.