Second Round of Artists Names for Unsound 2014 Released

Jul 17

Unsound has released the next round of artist names appearing at its 2014 festival in Krakow, Poland, which takes place from 12th to 19th October. As always, this includes many special events and collaborations.

CRAIG LEON will perform “Nommos” live. Initially appearing in 1981, “Nommos” was recently re-released by RVNG Intl to critical acclaim. Philip Sherburne described it in SPIN as a “an essential record for any fan of minimalist electronic music, analog synthesis, techno primitivism”, while Pitchfork called Leon’s music “the perfect embodiment of new age’s unexpected punk past.” “Nommos” was originally intended to be orchestral, and now will be presented with players from Poland’s SINFONIETTA CRACOVIA, as well as Leon’s collaborator Cassell Webb. New video work will also be commissioned for “Nommos” - information soon.

Before releasing “Nommos”, Leon had produced crucial albums by artists such as The Ramones, Blondie, Suicide and Richard Hell, and is credited with discovering Talking Heads. Leon will also give an artist talk related to the pivotal New York punk and new wave scenes of the 1970s, which he helped bring to a wider world.

ATOM™ & ROBIN FOX present: DOUBLE VISION is a project commissioned by Unsound in partnership with Australia’s Adelaide Festival. The spark for this was Atom™ witnessing Robin Fox’s legendary sound/laser show at Unsound Adelaide, leading to discussions about combining laser, video, experimental sound and deconstructed forms of pop music. Unsound Krakow audiences will be the first to see and hear what these two singular artists create, with the next performance at Unsound Adelaide in March 2015.

THE BUG’s forthcoming LP “Angels and Devils” is his first album since 2008’s classic “London Zoo”, and boasts a diverse cast of collaborators. To celebrate this, Unsound will present a show with The Bug and COPELAND, FLOWDAN, MANGA, MISS RED and special guests soon to be announced. “Angels and Devils” is split into two distinct themes, light and darkness, a divide that will be reflected in this performance.

Three influential acts with Detroit connections will appear at Unsound. A founding member of Underground Resistance, ROBERT HOOD is one of the creators of minimal techno, while DOPPLEREFFEKT is a mysterious entity fronted by Heinrich Müller - who was one half of Drexciya. Both play live shows. Already announced is DJ STINGRAY, who toured with Drexciya as their official DJ, and performs on the same night.

POWELL’s DIAGONAL RECORDS is at the forefront of a post-genre era. As part of a spotlight on the label, POWELL presents his first live show, navigating rough rhythms and wild electronics to create “music for messed up floors”. Others on the Diagonal showcase include BRONZE TEETH with Dominic Butler from FACTORY FLOOR and L/F/D/M’s Richard Smith; experimental musician RUSSELL HASWELL, here employing both brutalism and rhythm; and the already announced EVOL.

The influence of Chicago jakbeat ambassador TRAXX is too often overlooked, with much current club music affected by the sound originating from Chicago and Ann Arbor. Apart from releasing raw productions on his own Nation label, amongst many others, he is one of the most individual Decknicians in the world, known both for his unconventional selection and technique, and will play an extended session of sounds.

JAM CITY’s 2012 album “Classical Curves” has been hugely influential for its hybrid of industrial grime, house and sci-fi. He will premiere his new live show at Unsound 2014. MUMDANCE is leading the grime resurgence/deconstruction, yet making music unlike anyone else. He appears live with MC NOVELIST - with whom he recorded “Take Time” - as well as b2b with PINCH, his conspirator on the mix album “Pinch b2b Mumdance”, an absolute up-to-the-minute document capturing UK dance futurism.

JANUS parties in Berlin are an indication of the city’s changing demographic, with American expats putting on cross-pollinating and cross-genre nights that shake up Berlin’s techno-centric profile. With Janus now also a label, Unsound will partner with them, CTM Festival and its ongoing Berlin Current initiative to present a showcase. Artists include M.E.S.H. – who just released this year’s “Imperial Sewers” on PAN, LOTIC, KABLAM and AMNESIA SCANNER, as well as the previously announced TOTAL FREEDOM. Performing separately, TCF is also connected to the Berlin Current initiative.

Germany’s KASSEM MOSSE released the album “Workshop 19” this year, refining his indelible style to underline the fact he is one the best house/techno producers around. Poland’s WE WILL FAIL creates multilayered techno collages out of field recordings, also crafting a very individual voice. Both play live. Norway’s LE PETIT GARÇON offers another interpretation of techno, with a vast expanse of synth harmonics and churning bass.

BJØRN TORSKE is the elder statesman of Norway’s Nu-Disco scene, leading to Prins Thomas and Todd Terje. He appears at Unsound alongside fellow Norwegian veteran TRANSILVANIAN GALAXI aka SKATEBÅRD, who also plays live.

UK label Opal Tapes are represented by KAREN GWYER, who has quickly built a name for her synth work and idiosyncratic use of house and techno tropes; WANDA GROUP has also carved out a distinctive voice, creating pieces full of harsh sound, blurred ambience and field recordings.

Norwegian STINE JANVIN MOTLAND will open for SWANS, with a show focusing on the use of her mouth, breath and vocal chords as a powerful instrument, transgressing traditional forms of singing. PHARMAKON is on the same bill, also a one-woman performer who gained international attention for her confrontational album “Abandon”. The show takes place at Laznia Nowa in Nowa Huta.

Note that passes are now sold out, but the good news is that you can still attend Unsound, as individual tickets to all events will go on sale on August 24, when the full festival line-up and schedule has been revealed.

The next artist announcement will come at the start of August, with many more names yet to be released.

Note that a major project within Unsound 2014 is LUMINOUS BODIES, which brings the festival together with partners Insomnia in Norway and Iceland Music Export Office/Iceland Airwaves in Reykyavik. Supported by the EEA, this project involves co-curation, with Polish, Norwegian, Icelandic and other artists displaying cultural diversity.


Atom™ & Robin Fox present: Double Vision (DE/AU) - World Premiere / Commissioned project

Ben Frost (IS/AU)

Bjørn Torske (NO) - DJ

Carter Tutti Void (UK)

Craig Leon presents: Nommos, with Sinfonietta Cracovia (USA/PL)

Deathprod presents: Treetop Drive (NO)

DJ Stingray (US)

Dopplereffekt (DE/USA)

Jam City (UK) - Live premiere

Joey Anderson (USA) - DJ

Karen Gwyer (UK)

Kassem Mosse (DE)

Księżyc (PL)

Le Petit Garçon (NO)

Mumdance feat. Novelist (UK)

Perc (UK)

Pharmakon (USA)

Pinch b2b Mumdance (UK) - DJ

Ren Schofield (aka Container) with Kenneth Kapstad & Thomas Järmyr (USA/NO) - World premiere / Commissioned project

Robert Hood (USA) - Live

Rrose (USA)

Stine Janvin Motland (NO)

Swans (USA)


The Bug with copeland, Flowdan, Manga, Miss Red & Special Guests To Be Announced (UK/EST/USA)

The Necks & Radian (AU/AT)

Transilvanian Galaxi aka Skatebård (NO)

Traxx (USA) - DJ

Wanda Group (UK)

We Will Fail (PL)

Zamilska (PL)

DIAGONAL PRESENTS: Bronze Teeth (UK), Powell live premiere (UK), Russell Haswell (UK), EVOL (SP/UK)

JANUS & BERLIN CURRENT PRESENT: Total Freedom (USA), M.E.S.H. (USA/DE), Lotic (USA/DE), Kablam (SE/DE), Amnesia Scanner (DE)