Posthumanist Therapy

Johannes Klabbers is possibly the world’s first ever resident therapist at a festival – available for free sessions. Trained in reality therapy, narrative therapy and secular pastoral care, Johannes is an Australian writer/therapist, former experimental sound artist and ex-academic who is currently developing a posthumanist approach to therapy. His book “I Am Here”, about working with people who have cancer, is available for purchase from the festival office. A session takes 1-2 hours and can be tailored for all ages, individuals or couples. Two time slots are available each weekday during the festival inclusive at 2pm and 4pm. To book a session email During the festival week please book direct with the festival office.

Stop press! Also available: free ten minute instant sessions. Discuss any question. Why am I here? Is it possible to not be an arsehole? Will going vegetarian help? How do I know I exist? 
Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 12 noon in – location TBA – no need to book. Just show up.

Unsound festival

A lot of people like Unsound.

DJ Hvad
Jade Boyd
Jan Klata
Eltron John
Forest Swords
Aubo Lessi
Stara Rzeka
Stara Rzeka
Helena Hauff
Wilhelm Bras
Florence To
DVA Damas
Laurel Halo
Suzanne Ciani & Neotantrik
Souvenir de Tanger
Hubert Zemler

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