03.01.08 - Maximal DJ's present MINOR SCENE @ Klub 55, Warsaw

January 03, 2009

Minor Scene is a duet made up of two young Belarus producers from Minsk. They've played at many events in Eastern Europe, and are now coming to Poland. They create music that it is both both delicate, emotional and exciting.

Minor Scene are also part of Unsound and scape record's "Connections" project, funded by the EFC, which will result in a free CD release in early 2009. Mastered by Pole (Stefan Betke), this will contain collaborative projects connecting producers and musicians from Western Europe and Belarus - the likes of Pinch, Kadebostan, Pole, Hanno Leichtmann, Rational Diet, I/Dex and Pavel Ambiont.

Minor scene's live promo can be found at:


Take the opportunity to hear some electronic sounds from Poland's Eastern neighbours - something that happens all too rarely!

The night will also include some of the biggest DJ's in the city - QGL, bshosa and Spije... Look below for the full line up and links.

Line up :

Minor Scene (intoxic, monomental / Minsk - Białoruś)

maximal DJ's :

QGL (55, luztro)

bshosa (55, detroitZDRoJ!)

Spike (55, break da funk)

start 22

entry - FREE!