First Artists Performing at Unsound 2009 Released - Biosphere, Stars of The Lid and Johann Johannson!

April 04, 2009

Some of the biggest names in ambient and post-classical music will

perform together at Unsound in 2009.

The first is Biosphere - otherwise known as Geir Jenssen - who in recent years has performed very rarely. This will be his first concert in Poland. His album Substrata regularly polls as one of the top 10 ambient albums of all time.

Performing on the same night is the American group Stars of The Lid. One of the best known names on the Kranky label, their sound is a blend of ambient, drone and post-classical music. They will play with an 8-piece group of Polish classical string musicians, making this a very special project indeed

The night will take place in the stunning setting of St Katherine's Church in Krakow, a Gothic structure over five hundred years old and with astonishing acoustics.

Also performing will be Icelandic composer and musician Johann Johannson, whose last album Fordlandia has strengthened further his following. His show will also involve a strong and unique Polish connection, to be announced soon.

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