First Day Of Unsound!

October 19, 2008

Unsound opened on 18.20.2008, first of all with the installation "Sublime", by composer Michael Nyman. Utlizing this artist's videos, music and field recordings, "Sublime" subverts expectations and makes a strong impression, not least because of the setting of the work, inside a 19th century power station. It will remain open until 25.10.2008, between 14:00 and 19:00 every day.

Following the installation opening, Nyman gave a solo piano performance in Galicia Jewish Museum; afterwards, he presented the world debut of two new pieces based on the poems of Tadeusz Rozewicz, accompanied by Polish sopranist Jolanta Kowalska.

The lights in the gallery space were dimmed just after 20:00, and Warhol's "Empire" flickered to life, his famous shot of the Empire State Building over a single night. In the centre of the room Groupshow (Jan Jelinek, Andrew Pekler, Hanno Leichtmann) provided the soundtrack, their array of instruments, gadgets and devices covering several tables. The music looped and built in a marathon effort that was startling as much for the sounds produced as the sheer staying power of the band.

As for the audience, they surrounded the musicians, sitting on chairs, couches, the floor, or standing. Waves of people came and left throughout the night, and some hard core fans stayed the duration (also showing a lot of stamina!).

The next time this project will be performed/screened is in New York towards the end of 2009, when the Unsound Warhol Series travels there.

Tonight there is another installation launch at F.A.I.T gallery at 18:00, by Kaspar Koenig & Simon Berz.

This will be followed by Warhol Series 2 in Kino Pod Baranami at 20:00, at which Nemeth / Siewert / Hess will present Nemeth's "FILM" - released on Thrill Jockey - as a parallel action to Warhol's "Blowjob". Using electronics, guitars and percussion, this is certain to be another great performance.