Individual Tickets For Unsound Krakow On Sale Today. More Artists Added To Lineup. Day Schedule for Music Program Released

Aug 20

Unsound Krakow takes place between 7th-14th October this year, and tickets go on sale today, Monday 20th August, at 4pm, via Ticketmaster. Ahead of that we’ve released another batch of artist names, as well as a schedule for the music program.

New artists in the program include:

Bamba Pana & Makaveli 🇹🇿 / Colin Self presents Siblings, with Resina, Julia Ziętek & Maria Tomala 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇵🇱 / Drew McDowall & Florence To present Time Machines 🇬🇧 / Wojciech Jachna & Ksawery Wójciński 🇵🇱 / Jan Młynarski 🇵🇱 / jijijijijjij 🇵🇱 / Julek Ploski 🇵🇱 / Kelly Moran 🇺🇸 / Kode9 🇬🇧 / Kry 🇵🇱 / Lautbild 🇵🇱 / Michał Wolski 🇵🇱 / Miłosz Pękala presents Monoperkusja with Wiktor Podgórski 🇵🇱 / Miri Kat 🇬🇧 / MTV: Modular Television 🇵🇱 / Pokusa 🇵🇱 / Rabit b2b LEDEF 🇺🇸 / Remek Hanaj 🇵🇱 / Renick Bell 🇺🇸🇯🇵 / Sissel Wincent 🇸🇪 / Tayhana 🇦🇷🇲🇽 / We Will Fail 🇵🇱 / Wojciech Bąkowski 🇵🇱 / Young Majli b2b PLAL 🇵🇱 / Zdzisław Piernik & HATI 🇵🇱 / ZULI feat. Abyusif 🇪🇬

In the 90s, DREW MCDOWALL was a member of the cult industrial band COIL. His influence on their sound cannot be understated. In 1998 their experiments with drone sounds and hallucinogens resulted in the release of Time Machines, a record intended to rupture the flow of time. Now, twenty years after its release, Drew is presenting its powerful sound together with visual artist FLORENCE TO as a brand new audiovisual experience.

COLIN SELF will also present a new show on the same bill, with the European premiere of his record Siblings. To be released on RVNG Intl, Siblings is the final part of Colin’s speculative sci-fi operetta Elation. Colin will be joined by Polish musicians RESINA on cello, JULIA ZIĘTEK on violin and MARIA TOMALA on viola. The lineup is completed with yet another new show by KELLY MORAN - recent Warp signee and member of Oneohtrix Point Never’s live band - about to release an album of electronically treated piano music. Note: this special Saturday afternoon event is not included in the weekly or long weekend pass. A separate ticket must be purchased.

Legendary tuba player ZDZISŁAW PIERNIK will join the Polish improv duo HATI for an adventurous Morning Glory session exploring the sounds of prepared instruments and recycled objects. MONOPERKUSJA sees acclaimed Polish percussionist MIŁOSZ PĘKALA test the possibilities of his drum kit in a show tied to visuals by WIKTOR PODGÓRSKI.

Hyperdub boss KODE9 was already announced to perform as part of AUDINT, but will also play a solo DJ set following the release of the final Fabriclive mix, recorded with Burial. Egyptian producer ZULI also comes with a brand new release, his debut album Terminal for Lee Gamble’s label UIQ. He will perform with Egyptian rapper ABYUSIF, who also appears on the record. Previously announced JASSS is now joined by THERESA BAUMGARTNER to present the world premiere of Steam, a brand new A/V show.

RENICK BELL and MIRI KAT will bring the spirit of Algorave to Unsound, presenting their code-based music live in Hotel Forum. They will not only perform but also lead a workshop at Unsound together with GEEK GIRLS CARROTS. Participants and other eager programmers will be able to perform later in the night during an open keyboard hour.

Polish experimental techno musician MICHAŁ WOLSKI will open the Saturday night at Hotel Forum with a premiere of brand new material, exploring a slower and deeper spectrum of sounds. Another live premiere comes from WE WILL FAIL, set to release her third album this autumn, developing her abstract brand of IDM-indebted techno.

New names expand the late-night program even further, musically and geographically. Along with the already announced MCZO & DUKE, Tanzania’s BAMBA PANA & MAKAVELI are part of the explosive new scene of singeli, superfast rap music that blends various African inspirations with gabber speed. Hailing from Argentina via Mexico City, TAYHANA is part of the sound of new Latin club scenes connected to both NAAFI and Club Hiedrah de Baile, while Warsaw’s INTRUDER ALERT presents JIJIJIJIJJIJ’s implosion of post-industrial genres, pop, and heavy club music, as well as KRY’s pummelling hardcore techno. Sweden’s SISSEL WINCENT will further deconstruct the genre, YOUNG MAJLI and PLAL will play a b2b set of new club sounds. Finally, LAUTBILD joins the opening party lineup with a live show of avant-techno, and HOUSE OF KENZO member LEDEF will join RABIT for a joint set at the closing party.

Located under Hotel Forum, 89 will be once again taken over by jazz musicians - showing that the vibrancy and uniqueness of the local scene can match those of New York and London. No longer a secret, this year’s Friday lineup features trumpeter WOJCIECH JACHNA and bassist KSAWERY WÓJCIŃSKI playing together, a solo drum show from JAN MŁYNARSKI, and the young free jazz trio POKUSA. On the Saturday night, REMEK HANAJ brings an ensemble of Polish folk and experimental musicians to the same space, to create a spellbinding late night show, following an extended drone set from the already announced PHILL NIBLOCK.

The winners of the Unsound open call include WOJCIECH BĄKOWSKI with a live show based on his new album Jazz Duo, where compositions are built around the sounds of communication devices and technology, stock music and muzak to create a social commentary; MTV: MODULARTELEVISION, a collaborative project of PIOTR CEGLAREK, JAN DYBAŁA and PIOTR WOJTCZAK aka AARPS whose live show/installation uses CRT television sets to create a focussed environment; and JULEK PLOSKI who creates music from field recordings - on his recent album made mostly at TESCO supermarket.

In the daytime program, KRISTEN GALLERNAUX will present The Hum, a film about the vibroacoustic effects of infrasound in Detroit and elsewhere. This will be followed with a conversation about her new book High Static, Dead Lines: Sonic Spectres & the Object Hereafter. RORY GIBB, ANJA KANNGIESER and PAUL REKRET will present the performance-presentation Amplification/ Annihilation: “While aesthetics of climate change and extinction are pervasive in recent experimental music, field recording and sound art, the broader contexts and stakes of the use of ‘natural’ sounds are rarely considered. From nature romanticism to disaster aesthetics and beyond, Amplification/Annihilation examines how sound works to confront environmental change.”

More winners of the open call will be included in the next and final announcement at the start of September, which will mainly concentrate on the extensive daytime discourse program. We will also a add few more artists, completing the music program. In the meantime, please don't delay on purchasing tickets, as events sell out.

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