Lineup for Unsound Silent Disco 2018 at Wianki announced!

May 25

It’s the fifth silent disco already, thrown by Unsound Festival is collaboration with Kraków’s Wianki. The summer solstice celebration of music would no longer be the same without a club selection aimed at festival fans as well as a broader audience. This year our guests represent three distinct scenes from around the world: WIXAPOL S.A. from Poland, BETTY from France and NAAFI’s IMAABS from Chile.

WIXAPOL S.A. is unique in the Polish club scene, a musical, aesthetic and social phenomenon that has created its own language based on the 20+ years of history of hardcore music. Thanks to a distinct Polish humour and respect for areas of music largely omitted by the underground hagiography, they have completely obliterated all the standard rules of local clubs. The collective will take over channel one.

Channel two will feature BETTY, one of the most important figures in the Parisian club scene. Her mixes for Trax and FACT have helped Europeans discover bérite, an attempt to create a new identity for French music, blending French house, African rhythms and UK bass music influences.

Chilean DJ and producer IMAABS will perform before BETTY. He is a member of NAAFI, the Mexican collective that heated up the Unsound dancefloor in 2016. He has just released his debut album “Discretización” - a reaction to the reduction of people and places to algorithms - and is in the midst of a European tour deconstructing Latin rhythms and pop culture tropes.

Entrance is free, but limited!