Pole, Pantha du Prince and Philip Sherburne to Play Unsound Semi Official After Party in Pauza

Oct 24

If you didn’t already think our club line up wasn’t full enough, we’re putting the cherry on the cake with a semi official after party in our favourite club and partner, Pauza. Surprise guests to play have now been revealed.

Pole and Pantha du Prince will perform a live set.

Philip Sherburne will DJ.

Other guests to be announced on the night.

Access is for all our faithful Unsound attendees with a weekly pass, and we’re also giving away a limited number of invites. Please write to [email protected]. If we write back, it means we’ve selected you by lottery to come to the night. If we don’t write back, better luck next time! Please send you mobile phone number and full name as well as email address.

Thanks. Unsound Team.