Second Day of Unsound Kraków 2018

Oct 08

Day Two of Unsound starts with a presentation of Senster, the late 60s kinetic sculpture built by Edward Ihnatowicz, recently restored to its glory after three decades by AGH University of Science and Technology. You can also see Senster later in the day, from 4pm at AGH. For more details see the schedule. Other talks today include live interviews with Eris Drew, and Moor Mother; a presentation by John Danaher on sex robots, and a talk with Aleksandra Przegalińska on creativity of the AI.

Today’s screenings at Kino Pod Baranami are Fabrizio Terranova’s documentary about Donna Haraway, a key figure in the discussion on media saturation, cyborgization, and the anthropocene; and an exploration of non-dystopian visions by patten in 3049, as well as Maxim Pozdorovkin’s Our New President, telling the story of Donald Trump’s election through Russian propaganda lens. Film screenings are not included in the festival pass, and need a separate ticket.

Ephemera: Foris continues today with three sessions at 1:30pm, 3pm and 4:30pm, while Bartosz Zaskórski’s exhibition Monster opens at Henryk Gallery. Please note that the Ephemera is not included in the pass, and requires an additional ticket.

In the evening, we gather at Manggha for four electrifying performances. Eartheater is known for memorable performances featuring her three-octave-range voice and incredible choreography. Christoph de Babalon appears with Polish duo WIDT around the premiere of their collaborative release TEYAS. Like Eartheater, WIDT are also interested in the myriad possibilities of the voice as an instrument. Drummer Andrea Belfi joins forces with fellow Italian artist and tape virtuoso Valerio Tricoli in an improv show, while Jung An Tagen presents a heavy A/V finale combining intense colours and music. Tickets are available in the festival office and at the door.

Please remember, that if you have a Weekly Pass, you need to come to the festival office to exchange it for a wristband and an ID badge. We’re open every day of the festival, from 12pm to 6pm. The office also offers individual tickets to all events, unless sold out. Please check the ticket section of Presence edition for current info.