Second Wave of Unsound 2016: Dislocation Announcements

Jul 21

A second wave of Unsound Krakow 2016 artists has been announced, many connected to the theme Dislocation, around which the festival is also presenting events in various places from 2016 to 2018 - in Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and beyond.

Following the Brexit vote, the Dislocation theme has taken on new and auxiliary meanings, and the Unsound program has been adapted to give additional focus to UK artists - especially by way of cross-border collaborative work.

This includes “Inner Space: Siberia”, which sees HELM perform alongside the Greek EMBASSY FOR THE DISPLACED collective and Russian musician MOA PILLAR, presenting their new PAN collaborative project towards a visual exploration of diverse landscapes through digital media. Together they will create a piece exploring Siberia, working with personally sourced audio and film, including footage shot around Novosibirsk and the Altai Mountains. This work also features at Unsound Dislocation: Vladivostok in September, a festival presented with CTM and Goethe-Institut Novosibirsk.

Unsound will work with Israeli conductor ILAN VOLKOV, curator of TECTONICS, a festival that like Unsound has traversed the globe in recent years. Volkov will collaborate with BODY SCULPTURES and Krakow’s SINFONIETTA CRACOVIA on a new performance. Body Sculptures is made up of Posh Isolation and Northern Electronics artists VARG, ERIK ENOCKSSON, PUCE MARY, VIT FANA and LOKE RAHBEK - expect a radical marriage of electronic music, classical instruments and improvisation. This event is co-organised with Sinfonietta Cracovia.

“Gletschermusik” unites Germany’s ROBERT LIPPOK and visual artist LILLEVAN with Kyrgyz musician ASKAT JETEGIN. First performed at Unsound Dislocation: Bishkek in May 2016, the work blends field recordings made of melting glaciers with electronic music, traditional Kyrgyz instruments and song. The performance at Unsound Krakow will be the European record release concert for the CD “Gletschermusik”.

Other transnational collaborations include XYLOURIS WHITE featuring Jim White, Australian drummer of The Dirty Three, and Cretan lute player Giorgos Xylouris - blurring rock, punk and traditional Greek folk. THE DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA was formed in Cairo by Maurice Louca, Sam Shalabi and Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls; their music eludes categorisation, but is influenced by North African styles.

Connections to the Middle East also come via Berlin-based Irish artist EOMAC, presenting the live premiere of a show based on his upcoming album BEDOUIN TRAX. Initiated by Dubai-based label Bedouin Records, Eomac utilises recordings of Moroccan street music, songs from Baghdad, Islamic music from India and Sufi ceremonies. The live show features visual artist SYN and a dancer.

Previously announced UK artists such as GAIKA and BABYFATHER already tapped the sentiment of Brexit-minded times, but the uncertain national mood is also captured in a different way via the dystopian techno of two acts. PAULA TEMPLE will present the world premiere of a new live show, while OVERMONO sees brothers TESSELA and TRUSS come together for a live performance on the back of a new “Arla” EP for XL Recordings.

Untrodden paths in dance music are being discovered by producers from Africa. MIKAEL SEIFU's unique sound fuses contemporary electronic music with traditional Ethiopian music he calls "ethiopiyawi electronic". DJ KATAPILA is a Ghanaian DJ and producer colliding traditional chants of the Ga and Twi people with sounds inspired by popular tracks from Chicago and Detroit.

AFRICAINE 808’s “Basar” is one of the most enjoyable house albums of the year, a tribute to dance music’s true roots in African, Afro-Caribbean and Latin rhythms. They perform live with percussionist DODO NKISHI. Meanwhile, DON'T DJ's minimalist compositions attempt to tackle the fetishisation of native cultures by the West with sets that are joyful journeys through seamlessly blended genres and styles from around the world.

DJ EARL joins the extensive footwork program at Unsound 2016, offering a global snapshot of the genre with artists from Chicago, Poland and Japan. He tours his new hybrid set following the release of a double EP on Teklife, appearing with footwork dancers SIRR TMO and DRE.

Global post-genre collectives connected via the Internet include the world premiere of Salviatek’s F5 (LECHUGA ZAFIRO, C1080 and POBVIO), bringing street drummers to combine club aesthetics with Uruguayan candombe music in a special live premiere, while Mexico's NAAFI presents the "peripherical rhythms" of LAO, FAUSTO BAHIA and MEXICAN JIHAD. Berlin Current presents MOBILEGIRL, bringing the fun attitude of Sweden’s Staycore. Also affiliated with Staycore but best known as a member of Berlin’s Janus is KABLAM, Swedish CDJ virtuoso. Krakow’s RUSAŁKA will also play a set involving Slavic elements.

There won’t be a shortage of house and techno during this year’s Hotel Forum parties, though. Veteran New York DJ and producer FRED P closes Saturday’s Room 1 with his hypnotically deep sound; energetic Copenhagen-based DJ quartet APEIRON CREW arrive in full quadruple force; Paris’ VOISKI will tear up Hotel Forum with his relentless repetition; and Unsound resident DJ OLIVIA will play b2b with Unsound Bishkek discovery NAZIRA from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Japanese producer SOICHI TERADA, capturing attention thanks to his retrospective “Sounds From The Far East” compilation, will play a live set . Unsound has also invited back one of the most interesting selectors, Salon Des Amateurs and Cómeme artist LENA WILLIKENS. After impressing all with her live set at the Unsound New York × Sustain-Release party, the 1080p sensation VIA APP will perform live, while Berlin-based Israeli-Russian DR. RUBINSTEIN will play one of her blazing DJ sets.

There’s also Poland’s DJ MORGIANA, breaking all conventions with her hybrid sets utilising the record player as a fully fledged instrument, voice, a DIY theremin and various objects.

Much of the lineup comes with the support of the SHAPE platform. This initiative, funded by European Union’s Creative Europe, encourages mobility among selected emerging Europe-based artists and is curated via a network of festivals. Artists appearing as part of free afternoon showcases include Sweden’s PEDER MANNERFELT, whose “Controlling Body” LP focuses on the communicative power of the human voice; Norway’s STINE JANVIN MOTLAND works will vocals and will present a deconstructed Fake Synthetic Music show; Poland’s WE WILL FAIL blurs field recordings into the edge of techno.

Other SHAPE artists from North America live in the EU. Berlin-based U.S. producer M.E.S.H. will present his radical sample-based post-club sound, while Prague-via-Mexico’s LAURA LUNA is a multidisciplinary artist working with atmospheres.

SHAPE’s 2016 roster also includes the previously announced STARA RZEKA, who will play together with the Tajik band SAMO. Mentioned earlier, KABLAM and VOISKI are also part of the platform.

Individual tickets to all events at Unsound Krakow 2016 will go on sale on the 17th August, along with a final artist announcement. Weekly and weekend passes are currently sold out.

List of confirmed artists so far:

Africaine 808 (DE)
Anna Zaradny (PL)
Apeiron Crew (DK)
Babyfather (UK)
Body Sculptures with Sinfonietta Cracovia, conducted by Ilan Volkov (SE/DK/PL/IL)
DJ Earl, Sirr Tmo & Dre (US)
DJ Fulltono b2b Traxman (JP/US)
DJ Katapila (GH)
DJ Lag (ZA)
DJ Morgiana (PL)
Don't DJ (DE)
Dr. Rubinstein (IL/RU/DE)
Dwarfs of East Agouza, the (EY/US/CA)
Edward (DE)
Eomac plays: Bedouin Trax, visuals by sYn (IE/IT)
F5: Lechuga Zafiro, C1080 & Pobvio (UY)
Fausto Bahia (MX)
Felicita (UK/PL)
Foodman (JP)
Forest Swords (UK)
Fred P (US/DE)
Helm, Moa Pillar & Embassy for the Displaced (UK/RU/GR)
Horse Lords (US)
In the Mouth of the Wolf: Ancient Methods & Cindytalk (DE/UK)
J.D Twitch (Optimo) plays: Muslimgauze (UK)
Kablam (SE)
KAFR: Senyawa & Rabih Beaini (ID/LB/DE)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (US)
Kara-Lis Coverdale & MFO (CA/DE)
Konstantin (DE)
Lao (MX)
Laura Luna (MX/CZ)
Lena Willikens (DE)
Lotto (PL/AU/DE)
Matmos perform Robert Ashley's "Perfect Lives" with Sinfonietta Cracovia (US/PL)
Mikael Seifu (ET)
Mobilegirl (DE)
Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna (DE/KG)
Nan Kolè (IT)
Olivia b2b Nazira (PL/KZ)
Orphx (CA)
Overmono (UK)
Paide (PL)
Paula Temple (UK)
Peder Mannerfelt (SE)
Raime (UK)
Robert Lippok, Lillevan & Askat Jetegin (DE/KG)
Roly Porter & MFO (UK/DE)
Rusałka (PL)
Samo (TJ)
Senyawa (ID)
Severed Heads (AU)
Soichi Terada (JP)
Sote (IR)
Stara Rzeka & Samo (PL/TJ)
Stine Janvin Motland (NO)
Veronica Vasicka (US)
Via App (US)
Voiski (FR)
We Will Fail (PL)
Xylouris White (GR/AU)

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