November 02, 2008

Krakow's Unsound is over for another year. It felt more like a month than a week, the days were so jam packed with events, and it was great to see that everything was full. There were plenty of highlights, and of such a varied nature that it almost feels wrong to try to isolate individual acts... And even though the festival got bigger, we feel it managed to remain an intimate affair, no doubt due to Krakow's perfect form as a city to host a festival. Almost everything is reachable on foot, and artists and audiences alike immediately feel good here. It's a vibe we're keen to retain as the festival atmosphere, no matter how Unsound may develop in coming editions.

As for the venues, Manggha proved to be remarkable, transforming from a concert hall into a wonderful club space with perfect acoustics. The Galicia Jewish Museum was also a excellent post-industrial venue for the opening night, when Groupshow played several hours to create a live soundtrack to Warhol's "Empire". A special event indeed that was part concert, part installation, part screening.

But no doubt the most impressive venue of the week was St. Katherine's Church, where Ben Frost staged a remarkable concert that managed to remain emotional whilst pushing sonic borders that revealed the size and beauty of the place where he played.

Audiences came not only from across Poland, but Europe, a fact we hope signifies the expanding reputation of Unsound.

Thanks to Unsound 2008 artists, audiences and partners.

Obsessed as we are, we've already started planning 2009, and you can already sign up to the Last.FM page here.

See you soon!