Unsound Announces Adelaide Program. Unsound Krakow Starts This Sunday

October 05, 2017

After four widely acclaimed editions within the framework of Adelaide Festival, Unsound Adelaide returns as an expanded stand-alone festival. With an almost totally exclusive program of artists making their first appearances in Australia, the 2017 festival program is more risk-taking than ever before, collapsing and blurring ideas of genre.

Friday, 17 November hosts the world premiere of Australian A/V artists ROBIN FOX’s new show Euclidian Drone; the long awaited Australian premiere (and exclusive appearance) of New York’s one-woman noise project PHARMAKON; and the legendary WOLF EYES in an exclusive Australian live show fans have been waiting over a decade for.

Saturday, 18 November, again with an all exclusive lineup, features some of the most current sounds in electronic music: HOLLY HERNDON presents an interactive A/V show; at the shimmering forefront of the new wave of ambient music Canadian KARA-LIS COVERDALE makes her Australian debut; Lexachast, the collaborative project of PAN Records head BILL KOULIGAS and Finland’s AMNESIA SCANNER, combines overwhelming and mangled dystopian music with generative visuals sourced live from the Internet; and the crown jewel, touchstones in electronic and club music, the legendary PORTER RICKS also make their first Australian appearance.

The third and final night of Unsound Adelaide ends with a colourful bang with the Australian debut of SENOR COCONUT, the incredible 8-person band headed by Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™. Combining electronica, Latin flair and humour, Senor Coconut will reinterpret classics of the 70s and 80s, from Kraftwerk instrumentals to Sade, Prince and Michael Jackson. Opening is the world premiere of a new ensemble made up of three of Australia’s best instrumental musicians, pianist CHRIS ABRAHAMS of THE NECKS, guitarist and experimental musician OREN AMBARCHI and drummer ROBBIE AVENAIM. Bridging the two acts is the “militant space music and / or Fluxus techno” of N.M.O., a physical and humour-filled show involving percussion and electronics.

Friday and Saturday late evenings, after the Thebarton Theatre concerts, Fowlers Live will host a club lineup from the likes of co-founder of the eminent underground techno label White Material, DJ RICHARD and one of the most celebrated artists on the New York scene AURORA HALAL to the Australian exclusive premiere of the curator of one of world’s most successful experimental labels – PAN – BILL KOULIGAS and locals from CLUB SYNC. Finalizing the lineup are Northern Electronic’s VARG, ERRORSMITH appearing hot on the heels of his fantastic new album, Australia’s CORIN, and AMNESIA SCANNER with a solo live show as well.

For the first time, Unsound Adelaide also includes a discourse program presented by University of South Australia, giving context to the music events, as well as sound installations by CHRIS WATSON, RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT and LEYLAND KIRBY.

Talks will be announced soon, but you can check out the music and installation program already at unsoundadelaide.com. Tickets are available now.

And let’s not forget that Unsound starts in Krakow this Sunday 8th October and runs until 15th October. See you on one side of the world or the other!