Unsound Announces Third Wave of Artist Names. Tickets To All Individual Events On Sale Today

Aug 09

The music program for Kraków’s Unsound Festival - taking place between 8-15th October - is almost complete. Following the artists newly announced below, there will be only a few more names to add, as well as details relating to the extensive day program of talks and other presentations and events. Individual tickets are set to go on sale later today at 4pm CEST. The 2017 schedule is already live at our website.

LEE GAMBLE returns to Unsound to celebrate the release of his new Hyperdub album Mnestic Pressure, for which he has designed a completely new live show based on purpose-built generative software and immersive light design. LANARK ARTEFAX, a fellow artist on Gamble’s own label UIQ, will also perform, bringing the debut of a live A/V project.

RICHARD SKELTON’s vivid and powerful ambient music is inspired by nature. Performing very rarely, the UK-based artist will premiere a new piece at Unsound, an ambitious work created in response to the wilderness mountain landscapes of East Iceland. Also from the UK, LAURA CANNELL’s work is similarly steeped in visions of landscape and time. She will perform with traditional instruments to summon music that sounds both ancient and contemporary.

Artists from diverse scenes and geographical locations will explore noise music’s subversive nature. The Polish group BNNT is infamous for soundbombing shows performed on a truck in front of unsuspecting audiences. Swedish saxophonist MATS GUSTAFSSON plays on their new album Multiverse, and joins them live at Unsound. Posh Isolation’s PUCE MARY hails from Denmark via Los Angeles and works with immersive industrial sounds exploring dominance and submission. Berlin-based Chinese artist PAN DAIJING brings the act of performance and uneasy audience interaction to the foreground. Also from Poland, Syny’s ROBERT PIERNIKOWSKI and improv drummer ADAM GOŁEBIEWSKI will combine forces in a brutal combination of electronics and percussion abuse.

Another collaboration between Polish artists sees Unsound regulars WACŁAW ZIMPEL and KUBA ZIOŁEK (also known under the moniker Stara Rzeka) fuse lush psychedelic sounds of both electronic and acoustic origins. The music of KLEIN is a stark contrast; this British musician works with completely unique collages of Internet ephemera, gospel, R&B, and sounds rooted in her Nigerian upbringing.

Unsound’s free opening party showcases artists of the New East. It features SLAVA LEPSHEEV, founder of Cxema, a Kyiv rave that can make Western European scenes seem jaded and numb by comparison. He comes to Krakow together with fellow Ukrainian artist KONAKOV. Also on the bill are Moscow-via-Copenhagen DJ and producer ANASTASIA KRISTENSEN, while Cómeme’s fellow Russian artist INGA MAUER. Unsound resident DJ OLIVIA will also play b2b with L.I.E.S. label boss RON MORELLI.

This year’s club nights will also feature more extended DJ sets in the festival flagship venue, Hotel Forum, with expert selectors such as INTERGALACTIC GARY, PLO MAN, AVALON EMERSON, and another Unsound resident DJ, ELTRON JOHN, bringing fluid sets that blur the edges of disco, house, techno, electro, and more.

A London-based American producer famed for her improvised synth jams, KAREN GWYER will appear with a live show hot on the heels of her fantastic new album Rembo. Other live club acts include industrial groove specialist MAOUPA MAZZOCCHETTI, Salon Des Amateurs’ WOLF MÜLLER exploring otherworldly sounds in a show featuring NIKLAS WANDT on drums, TER, who works with modular synths to create an atmospheric fusion of ambient and techno, and MCHY I POROSTY, bringing the quirky and hypnagogic house music featured on his EP for Brutaż.

Hotel Forum lineups will also feature more vocalists this year, including Hyperdub’s collaboration between South African artists OKZHARP and the charismatic singer, dancer, and model MANTHE RIBANE. Sharp young rapper FLOHIO comes from London, as does British-Polish duo NAKED, blurring pop with ferocious industrial club music. There’s also Ugandan OTIM ALPHA, translating traditional Acholi music for a dance music audience and performing his first show outside his homeland.

Bristol’s Livity Sound is one of the most innovative hubs of UK bass music. PEVERELIST, KOWTON, and BATU will showcase their unique combination of post-dubstep and techno in a three-way back-to-back-to-back set. Meanwhile, Her Records co-founder MM will present a different type of UK sound that hybridizes outernational rhythms. The spirit of urban bass music is also present in the works of Polish producer 1988. Best known as Syny’s beatmaker, he also pushes his own nocturnal brand of dub and hip-hop.

Up to Date Festival’s DTEKK, Unsound’s longtime friend and curatorial advisor PHILIP SHERBURNE and Unsound’s own RUSAŁKA will open Hotel Forum club nights with extended, slowly building ambient sets. Warsaw’s VTSS will also set the mood in one of the rooms, premiering her new live show as TRY, drawing from industrial music and Polish folk.

Finally, there’s also a small but crucial showcase of Colombian Picó sound systems, a creative and rebellious street dance culture forged by Africans and Afro-Latinos living in Colombia and dating back to the 1950s. Presented with JIM C. NEDD & PALM WINE, their Hotel Forum show will connect to a day program screening of PICÓ: Un parlante de Africa en America, a documentary shot by Italian collective INVERNOMUTO. Rounding up the third announcement are the Polish-Angolan duo LUA PRETA, mixing various influences in their eclectic Afrohouse sets and, also connected to Angola, Portugal’s NÍDIA, whose futuristic sounds stem from batida.

As mentioned, more information on the extensive Unsound day program will be revealed in the next announcement, including news of talks, panel discussions, screenings, and installations. In the meantime, don’t forget you can purchase tickets to all events via the schedule on the Unsound website.

1988 (PL)
Anastasia Kristensen (RU/DK)
Arturas Bumšteinas pres. "Bad Weather" (LT) — world premiere
Avalon Emerson (US/DE)
Ben Frost (AU/IS)
Bill Drummond (ZA/UK)
Black Zone Myth Chant (FR)
Bliss Signal (Mumdance & Wife) (UK) — world premiere
BNNT & Mats Gustafsson (PL/SE) — world premiere
Coucou Chloe (FR/UK)
DJ Bone b2b DJ Stingray (US) — world premiere
DJ Sprinkles (US/JP)
DJ Haram (US)
DJ Lycox (PT/FR)
Dre Skull b2b Jubilee (US)
Dtekk (PL)
Einstürzende Neubauten (DE)
Eleh (US)
Eltron John (PL)
Ewa Justka (PL/UK)
Flohio (UK)
Giant Swan (UK)
Holly Herndon (US/DE)
Inga Mauer (RU)
Intergalactic Gary (NZ/NL)
James Hoff pres. “Hobo UFO (v. Czernobyl)” (US)
J.G. Biberkopf (LT)
Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine (IT/CO)
Jlin (US)
John Brien (US)
Juliana Huxtable (US)
Karen Gwyer (US/UK)
Klein (UK)
Konakov (UA)
Księżyc, Svitlana Nianio & Paweł Romańczuk (PL/UA)
Lanark Artefax (UK) — world premiere
Laura Cannell (UK)
Laurel Halo (US/DE)
Lee Gamble (UK)
Lena Willikens & Vladimir Ivkovic (DE/SB)
Lua Preta (PL/AG)
Lutto Lento (PL)
Maoupa Mazzocchetti (BE)
Mchy i Porosty (PL)
Mike Cooper (US)
Moondog for Gamelan with Iwan Gunawan and Stefan Lakatos (IN/SE) — world premiere
Moor Mother (US)
Moro (AR/DE)
Naked (UK/PL)
Nidia (PT)
Nina Kraviz (RU/DE)
NIVHEK (Liz Harris/Grouper) & MFO pres. “After its own death” (US/DE) — commissioned project
Nkisi (BE/UK)
Noncompliant (US)
Octo Octa (US)
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane (ZA/UK)
Olivia b2b Ron Morelli (PL/US/FR)
Otim Alpha (UG)
Pan Daijing (CN/DE)
Peverelist b2b Kowton b2b Batu (UK)
Pharmakon (US)
Philip Sherburne (US)
Piernikowski / Gołębiewski (PL)
Puce Mary (DK/US)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (US/DE) — world premiere
Richard Skelton — world premiere
Robin Fox pres. “Single Origin” (AU) — world premiere
Rusałka (PL)
Sega Bodega (UK)
Slava Lepsheev (UA)
STILL feat. Devon Miles, Freweini & Keidino (IT/ER/NG)
Swing Ting & MC Fox (UK)
Ter (PL)
The Jon Gibson Group with Hubert Zemler & Miłosz Pękala (US/PL)
Tzusing (MY/CN)
Umfang (US)
Varg (SE)
Vincent Moon, Priscilla Telmon & Rabih Beaini pres. "Hibridos" (FR/LB/DE)
Visible Cloaks (US)
Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt (DE)
Zimpel Ziołek (PL)
Zonal & Moor Mother (UK/US) — world premiere

Black Zone Myth Chant, Inga Mauer, J.G. Biberkopf, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Olivia, Ron Morelli, Varg and Wacław Zimpel are supported by the SHAPE Platform.