Unsound Day 7

Oct 17

The sixth day of Unsound brought another set of surprise artists, including mysterious techno duo RSS B0YS, who supported HEALTH in the Engineering Museum, as well as a number of unnanounced artists in Hotel Forum - Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz, T'ien Lai, DJ Tiger, Marcus Schmickler, Kode9, Koehler - who played a b2b set with Helena Hauff - and Lotic. The full lineup and more is here. Final Hotel Forum surprises are coming tonight!

The last talk in the discussion program takes place today in Club Betel, where Owen Hatherley will talk with Agata Pyzik about his latest book “Landscapes of Communism”.

Laraaji will also present the third and final Peace Garden yoga class today.

A traditional Unsound Saturday afternoon event will also take place, this time in Rotunda, a classic Polish student club dating back to the communist era. This is the first time Unsound has made an appearance - and it’s with a mostly secret event. The starting point is Bill Orcutt, who draws on American traditions of primitivism and blues, playing raw music on an acoustic guitar with only four strings.

In the evening, Unsound moves to the Engineering Museum for an evening show. Fitting perfectly to the Surprise theme, Liturgy are one of the most controversial rock bands of their generation thanks to the “Transcendental Black Metal” manifesto of frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix and their subversion of the black metal genre. Alessandro Cortini is best known as the keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails, but in his solo work he takes the synthesizer to the highest levels of grandeur. He will present “Sonno”, including visuals he has created himself.

Finally tonight, Room 1 in Hotel Forum has a darkly hued yet futuristic overtone, moving through mutated footwork and grime with three world premieres: the first-ever live show from Jlin (visuals: Florence To); Visionist’s first live show (visuals: Kevin Bray); and an Unsound-commissioned collaboration between Rabit and Kuedo (visuals: Werkflow). The room then veers into mutated forms of techno with Andy Stott and Untold, before DJ Bone tears things apart with a 2-hour set. Room 2 explores house, techno and more. The pre-announced names include a DJ set from Galcher Lustwerk, and live sets from Aurora Halal as well as Tin Man & Gunnar Haslam - who met at Unsound New York in 2011. Jacek Sienkiewicz closes the night with a set combing DJ and live elements. Room 3 is presented by Warsaw-based Brutaż, a subversive club night with a grassroots ethos; the mysterious Pain Box program includes a gay poetry reading as well as an early evening speed dating session.

Please note that this event is now sold out.