Unsound Day 8

Oct 18

Yesterday’s Surprise slots at Unsound included Fis and Helm, playing after Bill Orcutt in Rotunda, while SHXCXCHCXSH, Xosar and Richie Hawtin appeared in Hotel Forum. Brutaż Pain Box in Room 3 hosted Milczarek / Sirko, Parrish Smith, Ojun, Dungeon Acid, Gatto Fritto and RRRKRTA b2b Charlie. Full lineups and artists bios here.

The final day of Unsound starts at 1pm with the third response to the Hejnał Mariacki on the Main Square, by legendary Chicago composer, improviser and cornetist Rob Mazurek. At the same time, Laraaji's Celestial Sound Immersion session takes place, turning a former cigarette factory into an expansive meditation space - the perfect way to calm minds and bodies after three nights in Hotel Forum. This event is free.

Later on, Gregidency will take place on a different floor of the same abandoned factory where Laraaji will hold his Celestial Sound Immersion. Greg Fox is simply one of the best younger drummers around, known for his versatile style and creativity. He plays at Unsound 2015 as a member of Liturgy, and has previously played at the festival with Zs and Ben Frost. We think he’s awesome, and that’s why we invited him to participate in Gregidency – a surprise residency created especially made for Greg Fox. He will play solo, then with various artists - without him or the audience knowing who they are in advance! This event is also free.

In Engineering Museum the night opens with Rob Mazurek, though it’s unclear who he will play with. The final concert is also shrouded in secrecy. Tickets are available in our festival office and at the door.

The free Unsound closing night party is always a rip-roaring affair, a final fight and win against festival exhaustion that helps things reach often-legendary heights. Taking place in an abadoned warehouse belonging to the Polish national railway, the only pre-announced artist is Chicago’s The Black Madonna, whose eclectic extended set will no doubt be an Unsound highlight. Beyond that, to quote the Mickey Mouse Club “Surprise Day” song: “Anything can happen, and it usually does.”