Unsound Dislocation: Krakow Continues Today With The Start Of The Discussion Program And Concerts At Manggha

October 17, 2016

As usual Unsound has prepared an extensive day program of discussions and talks. Today's events include a self-hypnosis class, a talk on festival networks, R. Andrew Lee presentation on minimal music and a discussion on gentrification, featuring promoters from New York, Berlin and Warsaw. Johannes Klabbers, resident therapist at Unsound 2016, will give a talk/performance guided by rules formulated by John Cage.

In other day events, Sam Kidel's "Disruptive Muzak" installation opens in Sukiennice, and continues throughout the week. We're also screening a Tuareg remake of "Purple Rain" in Kino Pod Baranami. Called “Rain The Colour Of Blue With A Little Bit Of Red In It”, this film isn’t included in the pass - but you can get a ticket at the cinema.

Getting some bad news out of the way first, unfortunately Pucy Mary has had to cancel her show tonight at Manggha for reasons beyond her and our control. We apologize for this. If anyone would like a refund on their ticket, please let us know in advance - but we promise the night will still be great! Australian-Polish outfit Lotto create hypnotic, slowly evolving pieces using bass (Mike Majkowski), guitar (Łukasz Rychlicki) and drums (Paweł Szpura). Formed in Cairo, The Dwarfs of East Agouza is Alan Bishop, Maurice Louca and Sam Shalabi; together they creat music influenced by North African drums, free jazz, West African traditions, krautrock and more. Iran’s Sote follows, his music driven by disruptive polyrhythmic constructions that strive to create “the other sound” – music without a specific culture. Tickets are available at the Unsound office, and will be available at the door.