Unsound Dislocation: Krakow Day Four

October 19, 2016

Unsound’s Morning Glory series continues today with Gletschermusik project by Robert Lippok, Lillevan and Askat Jetigen, who use sounds and images of Central Asia’s melting glaciers as source material and inspiration. Right after the performance, Asket and musicians from the Tajik band Samo will present traditional instruments from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Please note that the venue has been changed to ICE Kraków at Konopnickiej 17. Entrance is free. Later on in the day, Robert, Lillevan and Askat will discuss the Gletschermusik project at Pałac Krzysztofory.

The talk program for today also includes a discussion with Rashad Becker and Sote on the state of global avant-garde, a presentation of the cult Soviet synthesizer Polivoks by its creator Vladimir Kuzmin and a talk by Sarah Angliss exploring the origins of disembodied and electronic music.

Today's film in the Dislocated Visions series is Bight of the Twin, following Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in search of the origins of Vodun in Benin. This is not included in the pass and needs a separate ticket, available at the Kino Pod Baranami box office.

Please note that the venue for the evening show has also been changed from Manggha to ICE Kraków, and will start half an hour later, with doors opening at 7pm. The music program has not changed, featuring Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s immersive, organic sound created primarily via the Buchla Music Easel and vocals; Rashad Becker, one of the most revered artists in electronic music; and Baltimore’s Horse Lords, one of the most original bands of the year, with complex rhythms and riffs driven by West African influences, post-punk energy, free jazz and more. Tickets are available at the Unsound office, and will also be available at the door.

A mid-week party in Hotel Forum's Kitchen follows. Mexico’s NAAFI will present the “peripheral rhythms” of Lao, Fausto Bahia and Mexican Jihad, while CTM Festival’s Berlin Current initiative brings artists redefining their home city’s club music scene, with the mutated sounds of Ziúr and a playful set from Mobilegirl propelled by Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Tickets should be be available at the door.