Unsound Dislocation: Krakow Day Six

October 21, 2016

Unsound starts its sixth day with the discussion program. Ilan Volkov and Body Sculptures talk about their collaborative show, as well as international collaboration and curation. Later on Rabih Beaini will lead a panel exploring whether cultural rifts can be healed through music, and perceived stereotypes broken. Felicita, Gaika and Polish-born London-based music agent Katarzyna Stuczyńska will discuss Brexit's aftermath, while author Matthew Collins talks about techno resistance and dancefloor activism.

The day program also features a candombe workshop moved from Thursday. The new time is 1pm, whole the venue remains Alchemia. Tickets will be available at the door.

The engineering Museum will be taken over by Emptyset today, presenting two sessions of their site-specific live A/V show. This event lies outside the festival pass. A separate ticket must be purchased. A limited number of tickets to Session 1 will be available at the door, while Session 2 has tickets available at the office and the door.

Free shows presented with the SHAPE Platform continue today at 3pm, with Stine Janvin Motland presenting the psychoacoustic piece "Fake Synthetic Music”, alongside We Will Fail and M.E.S.H.

Later in the evening we move out to Communist-era suburb of Nowa Huta, where Death Grips will perform for the first time ever in Poland, supported by Indonesian band Senyawa. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

The day ends in Hotel Forum. This sprawling event assembles artists from 13 countries. The roots of club music are found in Phuture’s acid techno from Chicago, as well as industrial techno pop by Australian legends Severed Heads; but the future’s here too, with South African gqom from DJ Lag and Nan Kolè, Kablam’s post-genre mutations and F5’s evolution of Uruguayan candombe music. Room 1 premieres include Ireland’s Eomac, fusing techno and recordings of Islamic music from around the world, as well as longtime Unsound friends Demdike Stare debuting a post-Testpressing live show. Brothers Tessela & Truss bring their new rave duo Overmono, joined by Krakow based visual duo Elektromoon. Warsaw’s RRRKRTA from Brutaż and Copenhagen’s Apeiron Crew bookend the night. Room 2 features powerful queer performance duo FAKA from South Africa, Jamaican collective Equiknoxx together with singer Shanique Marie, as well as Gaika, pitching himself against British colonialism with a mixture of goth and Caribbean aesthetics. Fiery dancehall MC Miss Red and frequent The Bug collaborator returns to Kraków with a solo show. Room 3 opens with a murky set from Krakow’s Rusałka, moving onto more colourful moods with German music polyglot Don’t DJ and Giegling’s Konstantin. Also on the bill is Micachu – one of the most exciting DJs in London. Tickets are available in the festival office and will be available at the door - unless sold out.

But that's not all! Unsound is joining forces with Forum Przestrzenie to create a new club in Krakow from November onward – and you can get a first small taste via two intimate after parties going from the early morning to the mid-afternoon. During Communism, the club was called Crazy Dragon, and later it became Paradise – a strip club. Now it’s to be known as 89 – a year with many meanings, including the original opening of Hotel Forum above. Early morning features Austria’s Tin Man with a long, fluid DJ set full of acid house and techno, as well as the UK’s DEBONAIR. Slide into early afternoon with Uruguay’s Lechuga Zafiro b2b Pobvio, taking Afro-Latin music into a whole new direction, while UK-based Columbian DJ and producer Florentino mixes reggaeton with the sounds of the British dance underground. Advance tickets are no longer available online, but they will available at the door until sold out. Come straight from the party upstairs, or make a visit later on. And remember: no photos and no guest list.