Unsound Dislocation: Krakow Day Three

October 18, 2016

It was in 2015 that Unsound initiated its Morning Glory series - individual free shows that take place in the morning during the festival. The idea was such a favourite with the artists involved and audience that we’re doing it again this year.

This year's series begins with a special extended show from Samo, a traditional band from Tajikistan consisting of musicians from a village in the Pamir mountains playing traditional instruments and melodies.

The discussion program then continues with artist talks from FAKA and Matmos. François J. Bonnet will discuss philosophies of sound and listening explored his book "The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago", while Kristen Gallerneaux will share artifacts from her collection as a curator at The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, fieldwork from “charged landscapes” and trace elements of the audible history of paranormal culture.

Today's Dislocated Visions screening in Kino Pod Baranami is "Dead Slow Ahead", a “transcendent sci-fi documentary” set on a freighter. This is not included in the pass and needs a separate ticket, available at the cinema’s box office

The day's program ends with a second night at Manggha, featuring two bands forming bridges between different geographical and musical worlds. Xylouris White sees Dirty Three drummer Jim White collaborate with master Cretan lute player George Xylouris, creating what the New York Times called “post-punk from the Middle Ages”. A project commissioned during Unsound Dislocation: Dushanbe brings together Poland’s Stara Rzeka with Tajik band Samo, weaving experimental elements and guitar into traditional music from the Pamir Mountains, filled with an air of ritual and spirituality. Using the very different techniques of bass music to explore similar themes, Swiss-born Aisha Devi’s music also draws inspiration from her Nepalese-Tibetan heritage. Tickets are available at the Unsound office and at the door.