Unsound expands its agency wing with Slikback, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones and touring projects

Jan 25

Unsound is not only a festival. For many years now we have also operated as a platform, expanding in different artistic directions. Working on selected projects that go beyond genre definitions and mix different forms of art, we represent a number of artists and projects that we helped produce or presented at our events. These include JLIN, ROBIN FOX, BEN FROST & DANIEL BJARNASON and FELICITA with ŚLĄSK SONG AND DANCE ENSEMBLE.

Now, we have new additions to the roster:

SLIKBACK is a young Kenyan producer who was one of our favourite discoveries of 2018, dazzling us with a mix of club rhythms unheard in Europe before. Following three great shows at Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja, Uganda, he went on to play Unsound Kraków three times as well. His first European tour started last weekend in Kraków with an intimate show. Awaiting him now is a series of festival appearances that already includes CTM, Sonic Acts, Elevate, Mutek, Sónar and Dekmantel.

SINJIN HAWKE & ZORA JONES also made an impression on us last year. The duo’s incredible A/V show based on motion capture techniques was one of the key moments of the Hotel Forum nights at Unsound 2018. Translating movement to both sound and vision, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones are pushing the boundaries of the club environment and what a live dance experience can be. Now, they’re available to book through the year for selected appearances, as well as installation works.

The Unsound Productions roster also includes Autobiography Edits, a stunning collaboration between JLIN and COMPANY WAYNE MCGREGOR, one of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary dance companies. Its European premiere at Unsound 2018 was widely considered the pinnacle of the festival. Another work combining dance and music is Soft Power, UK producer FELICITA'S project with ŚLĄSK SONG AND DANCE ENSEMBLE, commissioned by Unsound.

ROBIN FOX continues to tour his jaw-dropping laser and sound work Single Origin, as well as Double Vision 2.0, an updated version of his project with ATOM™. Solaris, by BEN FROST and DANIEL BJARNASON, also continues to travel the world, several years after it was commissioned by Unsound.

For more information about these projects you can check out the Unsound Productions website.