Unsound Flower Power Day Eight

Oct 15

The second night of The Secret Lodge featured a completely different style, this time with artists from Poland’s electronic underground: Zenial, X-Navi:Et, Pin Park, FOQL, Poly Chain and Micromelancolié. You can read about them through our schedule page right now!

Today, the final NTS session takes place at 4pm.

Shortly after, the closing show at Juliusz Słowacki Theatre features the flautist, saxophonist and composer Jon Gibson, who is one of the world’s key minimalist musicians. His 1973 piece Visitations will be performed together with Britton Powell, Jonáš Gruska and two acclaimed Polish percussionists, Hubert Zemler and Miłosz Pękala. Reimagined for modular synthesizers, Visitations will also be accompanied by One Way, a film shot by Gibson in 1970 that takes the audience on a ritualistic road trip through American desert landscapes. Completely different scenery will accompany the return of Wolfgang Voigt’s seminal project GAS, with forest imagery set to a blend of beautiful ambience created through the manipulation of classical samples with a gentle techno pulse.

Please remember that the first session at 4.30pm is for the passholders. If you have an individual ticket, you need to come for the second show at 7.30pm. Tickets to this session are also available in the office and on the door.

The extensive program of Unsound 2017 closes with a joyful, soul-cleansing party. Naphta opens the night with his cosmic blend of dance music, African rhythms and interstellar funk, followed by Boko Boko’s Tash LC, who fuses sounds from Africa’s past and future. PC Music’s Danny L Harle mixes ecstatic melodies with club rhythms. Eclectic French DJ Teki Latex is likewise an expert in breaking boundaries between genres. Closing the night is Brutaż’s Rrrkrta, known for his humor and great taste, guaranteeing you will leave the festival with a smile. Tickets will be available at the door.

And that’s it. Unsound 2017 will be over in couple hours. Thank you so much for a wonderful week, thanks to all the artists, guests and friends. See you next year in Kraków, or soon in Toronto, Adelaide, London - or somewhere else in the world!