Unsound Goes to Barcelona With Lapsus

Jan 17

Unsound is partnering with Barcelona-based Lapsus for a one day event. Taking place on 30th March, the event is focused mainly on contemporary electronic music from Poland and will take place in two venues, the Edifici Theatre of Barcelona’s Contemporary Culture Centre and LAUT club. The event is organised in partnership with Polish Cultural Institute in Madrid.

It’s one of three Lapsus dates this year and marks an evolution in Lapsus’ organisation -expanding beyond the festival framework. It will be followed by two more events in September and December.

Advance tickets are already available on the Lapsus’ website. Program information will be revealed in February. For now, watch this space, and our social media for latest updates. You can also follow Lapsus here.

Also, stay tuned for information on other Unsound events in 2019 - including, of course, Unsound Krakow, scheduled for 6th - 13th October.