Unsound Krakow Individual Tickets Go On Sale Today. Latest Artist Announcement Includes More Special Premieres, Rare Shows and Discoveries

August 17, 2016

While Unsound Krakow 2016 passes sold out within minutes of being released, the festival will put individual tickets on sale today at 4pm Krakow time. To mark the occasion, Unsound is releasing another round of names and has published a schedule on the website, where ticket links are available.

Perhaps most unexpected is the world premiere of KYLE DIXON and MICHAEL STEIN of S U R V I V E performing works from their score to the hit TV show “STRANGER THINGS” - a recently released homage to the 80s that is so fully realised it feels dislocated in time. The meticulously made music references synth lynchpins such as John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream, and has received so much acclaim it is being released over two LPs.

The live performance of the “Stranger Things” soundtrack also connects with the dark side of sound and film present at Unsound since the 2010 Horror edition, making resonant historical sense.

DEMDIKE STARE made their first appearance at Unsound that year, subsequently followed with commissioned and special projects. This tradition continues in 2016, with the duo presenting the premiere of a new live show for which their exciting and unpredictable Testpressing series has served as an idea incubator, pushing their sound into many genres of club music.

Demdike Stare are part of a post-Brexit focus on UK artists at the festival, now also including a new site-specific project from EMPTYSET, occupying a former tram hall to present a work involving self-made instruments, projections and light. PC Music affiliate FELICITA has already been announced as part of this focus, creating a piece involving traditional Polish dance in which Unsound can now confirm the nation’s most acclaimed traditional dance company STANISŁAW HADYNA’S “ŚLĄSK” SONG AND DANCE ENSEMBLE will participate.

Yet another live premiere, LEXACHAST sees AMNESIA SCANNER and BILL KOULIGAS turn their Internet-based multimedia project into a unique live performance, creating mangled, immersive sound running parallel to generative images created by Dutch artist HARM VAN DEN DORPEL. Russian-born Berlin residents DASHA RUSH and STANISLAV GLASOV will present another A/V show, the European premiere of “Dark Hearts of Space”, a multiscreen performance exploring the poetic implications of black holes. Dasha Rush also plays a DJ set at the Unsound opening party.

Other club music announcements include legendary Chicago group PHUTURE, recognized as creators of the acid house sound, thanks to their 1987 release “Acid Tracks” based on the instantly recognizable squelch of the Roland TB-303. Another trailblazer is Detroit techno musician ANTHONY “SHAKE” SHAKIR, playing a rare show and his Polish debut. Berlin’s ERRORSMITH (one half of MMM) is also a forerunner in club music’s tendency toward today’s post-genre, deconstructed sound; he will present the world debut of a new live show. BRYAN KASENIC is a pioneer for bringing underground techno to New York long before the presence of such a sound was normalized there via his club night The Bunker - also a partner of Unsound since the festival’s first edition in that city in 2009. He joins the lineup as a DJ at the free opening party.

Also important to their local scenes in Poland are CZARNY LATAWIEC from Wrocław, curator of Canti Illuminati and Survival festivals, as well as Warsaw’s RRRKRTA aka Jacek Plewicki, the man behind the legendary Brutaż nights.

AÏSHA DEVI, a Swiss artist with Nepalese and Tibetan roots, brings her mystical “Of Matter and Spirit” show with an immersive visual component by EMILE BARRET, author of a video game tied to sounds from the album. South Africa’s FAKA are performers exploring the role and position of the black queer body, working against the global tendency to marginalize such voices. Performing in the same room as FAKA is MISS RED, a charismatic Israeli MC. Best known for her collaborations with The Bug, she has taken the spotlight following the release of her debut mixtape “Murder”.

Berlin’s ZIÚR joins a Wednesday party split between artists from Mexico and the German capital pushing the boundaries of club music. Genre-clashers include also Swedish wunderkind TOXE, whose Staycore debut “Muscle Memory” counts among post-genre classics, as well as Belgium’s SKY H1 with a fresh EP of Elysian ambient grime released on the PAN-affiliated sublabel Codes. Polish Juke affiliate JAKUB LEMISZEWSKI joins the footwork-focused room on Thursday to present the stripped-down drum tracks on his “DAAAMN” debut LP.

Taking the synthesizer to abstract heights is RASHAD BECKER, whose “Traditional Music of Notional Species” series is wonderfully vivid and completely non-referential. He comes to Kraków following the release of the second volume on PAN. Meanwhile, the vibrant Polish synth scene is explored via a number of artists. CEGLAREK & DYBAŁA are curators behind the Polish music hub Biuro Dźwięku Katowice; along with affiliate AARPS, they will improvise to create soundscapes and intense rhythmic constructions. Finally, there is also POLY CHAIN, a Warsaw-based Ukrainian artist whose analogue sounds will soon be released on Transatlantyk Records.

Last but certainly not least, following a fantastic performance with Rabih Beaini last year as well as a stunning solo show at Unsound Toronto, WACŁAW ZIMPEL will return. He will weave alto and bass clarinets as well as a khaen and organs into a majestic whole that demands to be both seen and heard to be believed.

In the next announcement, Unsound will include those selected from an open call to present works at the festival, as well as installations, films and an extensive daytime discussion program - and we still have a few more artists to announce as well! As always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest info.

Also, Unsound Dislocation: Cruise will take place as a pre-festival teaser on August 26th. Presented with New York DJ collective Discwoman, the party features Brooklyn techno DJs Umfang and Volvox, as well as Philly’s DJ Haram, known for her non-technonormative sound. Also playing are Unsound resident DJ Olivia and Krakow’s Rusałka. The night involves a cruise up the Wisła River, then a party going deep into the night at the boat bar Barka Alrina. More info and ticket links here.