Unsound Officially Begins Today. News Below. Unsound Also Forced to Move Morning Church Shows

Oct 11

Unsound Festival began today with a completely unannounced show called “What Would You Do?” - one of three projects responding to the Hejnał Mariacki, a five-note tune played by a trumpeter each hour on the Main Square, bound to the history and traditions of the city. Each of these projects will turn the square into a vast stage, with people passing through becoming the audience.

“What Would You Do?” was concieved by Macio Moretti, Polish musician and cross-genre multi-instrumentalist. He is also the founder of one of the most important Warsaw alternative music labels - Lado ABC.

In "What Would You Do?", the last note of the Hejnał was extended for as long as possible to attempt to avoid the moment of being shot with an arrow by an Tatar invader, which according to legend killed the original 13th-century trumpeter mid-note. “What Would You Do?” was performed by Tomasz Ziętek - a video will be uploaded soon.

The opening concert takes place today in Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury. Last year the Warsaw label Bôłt Records released “Unchained”, featuring piano works by composers Julius Eastman and Tomasz Sikorski. Affinities are present both in a musical language based on repetition and minimalism, as well as their biographies - both composers led lives that spiralled out of control, and their work was largely forgotten for decades, but is now being rediscovered. The works will be played by the Lutosławski Piano Duo, Joanna Duda and Mischa Kozlowski.

Then, we move to a former cargo warehouse of the Polish national railway on Kamienna street for a traditional Unsound opening party. This year it’s full of surprises – literally. Headliners? Footliners? Both are possible, and the only way to find out is to turn up. One thing we can guarantee: a memorable party. Entrance is free!

Please note that the Festival Office this year is located in the Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa, Rynek Główny 35 (entrance from Szczepańska 2 street). Opening hours: 12:00 - 18:00. You can exchange your pass for a wristband here. Tickets for today's concert are also available.

Note: As a result of the false and bizarre claims made by a few individuals accusing Unsound of a supposedly "Satanic" agenda, we have also now been informed that we will need to relocate our morning shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from the two beautiful Krakow churches where they were due to be held. These shows were all meant to be surprises, as per the festival theme, but as we would like to underscore the absurdity of this situation, we will now reveal who is playing:

  • John Tilbury - One of the foremost pianists in the world of experimental and improvised music. He is playing with one of Poland's leading experimental musicians, Robert Piotrowicz.

  • Raphael Rogiński - One of Poland's most famous jazz and improvisational guitarists, who is playing the music of John Coltrane, as heard on his recent Bolt Records release.

  • RRose plays James Tenney - The U.S. musician Rrose will play a piece by renowned American composer James Tenney on a 32-inch gong.

Once again, we would like to state that Unsound — an open-minded festival dedicated to the promotion of music and culture — is not guided by any political or religious agenda. Our audience and the artists who play for them are made up of people with many different beliefs and world views — they are all joined together by music.

News on alternate venues will come soon. We are also working to confirm an alternate venue for the Current 93 show. We will share this information as soon as we have it.