Unsound Toronto Taking Place in June as Part of Luminato Festival

Apr 09

After four acclaimed editions in New York, the amorphous electronic and experimental music festival Unsound will head to Toronto on 19th and 20th of June, to produce a two-day event with the city’s premier multi-arts festival Luminato.

Known for innovative programming, Unsound has also carved a reputation for producing events in adapted spaces, especially in its hometown in Krakow, Poland. Unsound will use its Toronto manifestation to animate the vast Hearn Generating Station, a remarkable and raw venue.

As for the program itself, it features pioneers and rising stars of electronic and experimental music from around the world, many of whom Unsound has forged ongoing relationships with.

The Unsound-produced Ephemera project connecting scent and sound will take live shape in the world premiere of a show including sound by TIM HECKER, the olfactory compositions of conceptual perfumer Geza Schoen and lighting design by Berlin’s MARCEL WEBER aka MFO. A brief interview with Tim Hecker, Geza Schoen and Marcel Weber on Ephemera Live follows this news release. You can also check out more on Ephemera here.

Unsound Toronto also includes a rare show by STARS OF THE LID; the further development of ROBERT HENKE’s laser and sound experiments as Lumiere II; New Yorker MORTON SUBOTNICK performing his legendary 1967 album Silver Apples Of The Moon, with visuals by Lillevan; ATOM™ & ROBIN FOX's Double Vision; BEN FROST will also perform with MFO’s innovative light design, in a special show produced for Unsound Krakow last year. Rising techno star HELENA HAUFF will perform her North American debut, while a unique Polish program – presented with the Polish Cultural Institute New York – includes WE WILL FAIL, BNNT and RSS B0YS. A few more names will be announced soon, rounding out Unsound Toronto.

Unsound Toronto at Luminato runs June 19 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. and June 20 from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Tickets are $20 per night or $30 for both. The Ephemera Live show requires an additional $10 ticket, due to the capacity of the space it takes place in. For more information or to buy tickets, please visit luminatofestival.com.

The Arts Partners for Unsound Toronto at Luminato Festival are the Polish Cultural Institute New York and Goethe Institut.


Why did you decide to bring in scent into a live show? How will scent interact with other elements - such as sound and light?

Tim Hecker: A lightly perfumed room seemed like a perfect platform for an induced synaesthesia. Instead of the chalky cold scents of industrial fog machines, why not burnt cedar? I wanted to question the normal ‘sound & vision’ of standard audio performances and confuse things a little.

Is the idea of Ephemera Live to immerse the audience, to overwhelm them?

Tim Hecker: Yeah I guess I’m more interested in the confusion between a happy, easy immersion in a space versus an overwhelming of things where comfort is a lost ideal.

Tim and Marcel, how will will Ephemera Live connect to your past work?

Tim Hecker: I’ve worked with fog fairly significantly in past years. I’m interested in actually increasing the intensity of those experiences, and pushing them sideways into fog-light-works towards what Marcel is so good at.

Marcel Weber: In my visual work I always liked to apply the musical language to moving images, bringing its special qualities to the visual realm - the ability to shape spaces, its sublime primeval energies as well as its emotional strength - while at the same time experimenting with new ways of story telling. Now, to widen this idea into another field seems like an exciting next step! I would love to extend the experimental assembly by mixing in olfactorial memories and to work on a sensory Gesamtkunstwerk of a kind.