Aug 02

This year’s festival celebrates its 6th edition with what is by far our most ambitious program. Across seven days, we'll bring together a range of international artists, many utilizing technology and electronics in their work. But that is not the guiding force in their selection. Unsound is about innovative tendencies, the desire to surprise. We'll showcase work existing on the borders of different genres: classical, ambient, clubbing and experimental. With radically diverse artists such as Michael Nyman, Max Richter, Skream, Benga, Ben Frost, Xiu Xiu, Pan American, Bruno Pronsato, The Necks and Colleen, we emphasise the new. Several works are commissioned especially for this year's festival, most notably the Warhol Series, to be taken to New York in 2009. New venues also reflect Unsound's expanding vision, including a 19th century power station, a gothic church more than 500 years old, the Galicia Jewish Museum and Manggha Museum of Japanese Art & Technology.