FAKA is a Johannesburg-based performance art duo exploring the role and position of the queer black body. Made up of Fela Gucci and Desire Marea (Angel-Ho’s recent collaborator on “Emancipation”) the duo first gained wider attention with “From Distance”, a video self-described as “a gqom-gospel lamentation for dick”. As they wrote at the time: ““We feel that there is an exclusion of a certain demographic of valid voices and expressions due to lack of resources, specifically Black/African voices who could strongly contribute to the progression of global culture. This is an economical factor, and coming from disadvantaged backgrounds this is something we have been confronted with. Even within the supposed progressive art world there is a classicism that excludes this demographic.” Working against and reconfiguring such tendencies drives FAKA’s work and activities. Their debut EP “Bottom’s Revenge” is set to drop soon.