Martyna Poznańska

Martyna Poznańska is a sound artist working between Kraków, London and Berlin, investigating environmental sounds, urban noise, associations between sounds and objects, and performative aspects of listening. Exploring the feelings of strangeness, unattractiveness, danger and insularity that she feels has affected the post-Cold War generation of eastern European countries, Martyna spent six months travelling and collecting sounds to complete her “Listening East” album released in 2013. At Listening Stations, Martyna will present a mix combining diverse recordings from different Eastern European territories, including Białystok, Hajnówka, Białowieża, Gródek, Lublin and Warszawa in Poland; Grodno in Belarus; Budapest in Hungary; Zahony, Vinnitsya, Lviv, Odessa, Kyiv in Ukraine; Svetlogorks in Russia; and Tbilisi in Georgia.