Zespół Pieśni i Tańca "Śląsk"

Although probably unknown to the majority of the Unsound audience, the renowned Stanisław Hadyna's 'Śląsk' Song and Dance Ensemble is not only a Polish national treasure preserving regional and national folklore, it provides a mysterious link in pop music history. Legend has it that when David Bowie stopped over on a train in Warsaw in 1973, he discovered a song called “Helokanie” performed by 'Śląsk', which later inspired the track “Warszawa” on his seminal “Low” album. Over 40 years later, 'Śląsk' dancers will take part in the world premiere of Felicita’s new multimedia project “soft power”, inspired by his childhood education in traditional dance and a continuing interest in folk culture and national identity. Choreography was prepared by Michail Zubkov and performing dancers: Katarzyna Grysko, Karolina Ochman, Agnieszka Kulig, Magdalena Sibiga, Piotr Cegiełkowski, Michał Kołodziejczyk, Tomasz Lis, Aron Szendzielorz i Michał Zębik.

Fracture Oct 22 | 14:30