23 Oct | 19:00

Body Sculptures is a collaboration between artists from Danish and Swedish cult underground labels Posh Isolation and Northern Electronics. Featuring Varg, Erik Enocksson, Puce Mary, Vit Fana and Loke Rahbek, this supergroup combines harrowing and beautiful sounds located on the fringes of industrial ambiance. In a special Unsound commission, they will be joined by Krakow’s Royal Orchestra Sinfonietta Cracovia, uniquely led by Ilan Volkov, the renowned Israeli conductor and curator of Tectonics festival. Opening is Kara-Lis Coverdale, a Canadian ex-church organist whose work explores the space between the human and the machine, with ethereal releases blurring acoustic and digital music in exciting ways. She performs with Marcel Weber aka MFO in a collaboration initiated during Unsound Toronto, to create a digital cemetery in which the show takes place. Breaking the sets is a short solo show on violin from Volkov.

  • Kara-Lis Coverdale
  • Ilan Volkov
  • Ilan Volkov
  • Body Sculptures
  • Sinfonietta Cracovia
Filharmonia Krakowska
Zwierzyniecka 1, Kraków
Sinfonietta Cracovia