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Discussion: Radical Sociability – Cancelling the Toxicity in Cancel-Culture



What started out as a vigilante strategy for bringing justice and accountability to powerful people who previously had been immune to any consequences for their action, is increasingly becoming an unreflective method for bullying within various communities. For several decades, socio-political observers have been discussing the exacerbation of a “fracturing of the Left”. This panel will investigate identity politics’ role in perpetuating this fracturing, and investigate cancel-culture’s role in deepening identitarian divides. Lou Drago will introduce briefly their strategy to enact intersectional affinities through a process called Radical Sociability, before diving into a discussion with philosopher and writer Ben Burgis, artist and experimental composer Richard Kennedy, and Natalie Wynn, known from her Youtube channel ContraPoints, where she explores the topics of politics, gender, race and philosophy. Together they will share experiences and ideas as to why the “Left” have so readily taken up the oppressors’ tools, and how we might combat this to encourage solidarity and empathy instead of doing capital’s divisive work for it.

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