Porter Ricks

German duo Porter Ricks count among the most important dub techno acts, pioneers of the genre since the mid-90s. Borrowing their name from a character on the TV show Flipper, Andy Mellwig and Thomas Köner (also a celebrated solo ambient artist) set out to bridge the world of club music and art, focusing on subaquatic themes. Their combination of deep sounds and pulsating techno on the seminal label Chain Reaction resulted in the classic album Biokinetics. Following the release of a split album with Techno Animal, Symbiotics, the duo disbanded. Since their comeback show at Unsound Kraków 2013, they’ve been signed by Tresor and released a brand new album called Anguilla Electrica. Connected to their past yet managing to sound new, it continues their nautical research. Their debut Australian performance at Unsound Adelaide is exclusive to the festival.

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