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Unsound—one of the world’s foremost experimental and electronic music festivals—returns to Adelaide for its first standalone edition! Three evenings of exclusive shows and Australian premieres feature some of the most exciting forms of audiovisual and performance art, from dazzling laser displays through militant drum acrobatics to immersive internet-sourced explorations. The program embraces different corners of the experimental world, colliding electronics, noise, jazz, improv—and who would’ve thought?—quirky pop filtered through a Latin lens. From some of the most current sounds of today to legendary acts, Unsound Adelaide brings euphoria and dread, surprise and tension, and a dollop of mischievousness and humour.

But, that's not all! Around the world, Unsound club nights have become known for bridging different styles and genres of dance music, from the experimental edges of club culture to blazing techno - as Adelaide audiences will now experience for themselves. A custom sound system specifically tailored to the artists playing at Unsound Adelaide Club Nights will be set up in the Fowler’s Live venue to ensure an optimum experience for audiences and artists alike.

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