It’s The 6th Day of Unsound - Here’s What’s On!

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It’s The 6th Day of Unsound - Here’s What’s On!

It’s The 6th Day of Unsound - Here’s What’s On!

Welcome to the 6th day of Unsound!

Need a nice, slow start to the day? Then head to PURO Kazimierz at 12:00 to hear Polish artist Martyna Basta gently bring us all back to life with a DJ set in the first ambient brunch session. As always, food, coffee and tea are available.

Simultaneously at Pałac Krzysztofory, the discourse program begins with Emptyset's Paul Purgas presenting a talk and listening event detailing the fascinating history of India's first electronic music studio. Visual artist Yulia Krivich, journalist Tatiana Kozak and political scientist Jan Smoleński consider the concept of "westsplaining" next, unpicking what exactly the West misunderstands about the Ukrainian perspective. Following that, musical pick-n-mixers Yung Singh, Marina Herlop and Eris Drew discuss the meaning of genre in the streaming era with Pitchfork's Philip Sherburne. At 16:00, the conversation swerves into collaboration, with friends Lucy Railton, Stephen O'Malley and Kali Malone considering the nature of creative partnership with Andy Battaglia. Finally, there's an exciting interactive lecture-performance from artist duo dmstfctn, who use deep-learning computer vision systems to create 3D simulations in a project they call God Mode (ep. 1).

At 3pm at Dom Utoppi in Nowa Huta, we’re also running a workshop hinged around the unrealized potential of Poland, and what new ways we might think about the country's future, with Paweł Korzeb, Patrick Leftwich and Bogna Konior via video essay.

At 15:30 at Kraków's former Central Post Office Klub Poczta Główna, there's an afternoon session you won't want to miss. Poland’s Ksawery Wójciński’s starts things off with an emotional solo double bass performance, and then Norwegian duo Naaljos Ljom use synthesiser, modified electric guitar, mouth harp and langeleik – a zither-like instrument – to reinterpret microtonal Norwegian folk forms in surprising ways. This show isn't covered by the Unsound pass. Tickets are sold out in advance, but will be available at the door according to capacity.

What's a bubble without the pop? Starting at 18:30 at Teatr Łaźnia Nowa, Unsound looks at the contemporary experimental pop landscape, with, Catalan composer and vocalist Marina Herlop, and London's freewheeling superstar Shygirl, who celebrates the release of her genre-dissolving debut album Nymph with an explosive new show. Unfortunately, Pavel Milyakov is unable to make it to perform with Perila, who will instead perform solo at the start of the night. Tickets to this event are still available online and will be available at the door.

Our second late-night event at Kamienna 12 fizzes to life at 21:30 in the Main Bubble with a DJ set from Warsaw's madikoptah. Dazzlingly futuristic Kenyan producer Slikback takes over from there, with a live set in collaboration with cult UK A/V artist Weirdcore, before Londoner Loraine James breaks down the barriers between drill, IDM and jungle during her own frothy live excursion. Eris Drew teams up with visual artist Jeisson Drenth to present a rare live A/V show in the wake of her recent album "Quivering in Time", before percussionists Valentina Magaletti and João Pais Filipe blur minimalism, jazz and club music with a kinetic centre-of-the-room set. London's Yung Singh, New York City's DJ SWISHA and local favourites Eltron and Charlie handle the DJ duties for the rest of the night.

Over in the Side Bubble, Czech experimental producer Ursula Sereghy opens the room at 22:30, before we're carried off to Durban for a frenetic performance from Nyege Nyege-signed gqom trio Phelimuncasi in the wake of this year's brilliant Ama Gogela. Warsaw's KRENZ deconstructs dubstep, hip-hop and jungle, and then mutant bass innovator Amazondotcom takes the reins with a hybrid set that's sure to melt the dancefloor. Manchester-Colombian producer and DJ Florentino follows, then Brazilian multidisciplinary artist Slim Soledad, set to shuttle our minds to São Paulo for a moment. Ukrainians Diana Azzuz and Rina Priduvalova end the night with a back-to-back.

Tickets to this event are currently sold out in advance – we’ll let you know if we release a small amount later this afternoon. We will not sell tickets at the door at the start of the night, so please do not come to the venue until we announce tickets will be on sale, sometime after 1.30am – follow us on Telegram for the latest information.

Note also: free water is available at the club nights, beside the tent, near the main gates to Hype Park.  

Finally, at 17:00 tomorrow, we’re teaming up with Bar Bałtyk to present a sensual and multi-flavored edible installation, prepared by Pola Salicka and Pola Sutryk and inspired by Bubbles, the theme of this year's Unsound. The vegetarian and vegan delights can be accompanied by natural wine from the Bałtyk Bar. Entry is by a donation of 20 PLN (or more) at the door. More information via our social media channels and in tomorrow’s news.