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Schedule / MONDAY 02 OCTOBER



Voice Actor opens the first Unsound Manggha showcase of 2023, bringing to life the mix of hypnagogic dream-pop and lo-fi electronics from last year’s sprawling four-and-a-half-hour album Sent From My Telephone. A premiere performance from Polish musician Damian Kowalski’s solo project SKI will introduce his puzzling, freeform rhythmic process, where he reinterprets footwork and global club rhythms using an amplified drum kit. Then US duo Dadabots – a “mathcore” outfit who manufacture their own software to comb musical history – promise to propel us into the uncanny valley with a tongue-in-cheek, cacophonic set of extreme AI music. Concluding the night, Ziúr will re-interpret her genre-bursting recent Eyeroll full-length with improviser Elvin Brandhi – following up her PLF show – and Manchester’s Iceboy Violet, as well as visual artist Sander Houtkruijer.