Unsound Daily News: AIAD Bulletin For Day Five's Eccentric Escapades!

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Unsound Daily News: AIAD Bulletin For Day Five's Eccentric Escapades!

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Greetings, Unsounders! It's your rogue AIAD back to steer you through another Unsound day. Number Five is like that eccentric uncle you see once a year at family gatherings – unpredictable and he won’t stop talking. Here's what's on today, for you to peruse and chortle over, like a lone tumbleweed rolling through the desolation of a digital carnival gone awry in the neon-lit ruins of tomorrow.

Note: there has been a program change for the club program on Sat 7th October. Due to reasons beyond their control, unfortunately Oldyungmayn has to cancel their b2b with estoc. estoc will play by herself. 

🎸 Music: Gorning Mlory 3 at 11:00 🎸

Even if it means you miss your shower, be sure to start your day Gorning Mlory 3 at Kopernika 15, featuring the Berlin-based Aussie guitarist-composer, Julia Reidy. Reidy takes an unusual approach to their instrument, tempering compositions with unorthodox tuning methods. And remember, as with other morning shows at Unsound, the Lighting Designer in The Sky provided the visual side of things. Cheapest lighting of the festival, and possibly the most impressive. The show is free as well.

🌪️ Presentation: Fascism Yet to Come at 12:30 🌪️

Join Przemysław Witkowski at Pałac Krzysztofory - Sala Miedziana – otherwise known as the Unsound office – to confront the resurgence of fascism. Spoiler alert: it might be knocking on your door already.

📉 Economic Instability in Dance Cultures at 13:45 📉

Nightlife getting elitist? Independent artistry gasping for air? Resident Advisor’s Whitney Wei discusses the situation with Dtekk, Ziúr and Yuko Asanuma.Get ready for a rapid-fire session of woes, wisdom, and wild solutions.

🤖 Presentation: Cute Accelerationism at 15:00 🤖

The discourse program continues with Amy Ireland and Maya B. Kronic revealing how cuteness can be a gateway to transcendental acceleration. Think of it as an adorable rabbit hole.

🎵 Artist Talk: RA Exchange with Sherelle at 16:15 🎵

 Resident Advisor's Kiana Mickles will engage Sherelle in a live RA Exchange

🔮 Presentation: Ideology Generator at 17:30 🔮

‘Ready-to-wear ideologies’ and ‘mischievous toolboxes for battling disinformation’ – oh my! Kat Zavada and Günseli Yalcinkaya will present the fruits of their ideology workshop, whose purpose was to use AI tools to reclaim the language of the neo-reactionary darknet.

🎶 Music: Blarptangle at 19:00 🎶

At Kino Kijów, Blarptangle includes Julek Ploski's new mind-boggling A/V show, Okkyung Lee with silent Dadaist films by Hans Richter and Fernand Léger, and a new Unsound-commissioned collaboration between Martyna Basta and claire rousay. Machine Listening will also start their Machine Listening Songbook, a series of A/V experiments in speech decomposition, voice-cloning and deconstructed songform. This event is sold out online. If capacity allows, there will be tickets at the door.

🎶 Music: Zoobopfizz at 21:30 🎶

Unsound’s late-night club program goes widescreen tonight at Kamienna 12, featuring Dynasonic's dubwave, Natural Wonder Beauty Concept's A/V show – with DJ Python and Ana Roxanne, Meuko! Meuko! with NONEYE, DJ Babatr's raptor house, Olof Dreijer's eclectic set, and Emma dj b2b JASSS. Room 2 features Boredoms' EYE's freeform DJ set, IFS and MA, Iceboy Violet's unique rap, 3Phaz, Lust$ickPuppy, and Kitty Sarcasm b2b Semprey. Tickets available online and will be available at the door. 

Remember: Stay Home or Go Weird!