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Photo of Hubert Zemler & Miłosz Pękala & Grzegorz Tarwid


Hubert Zemler & Miłosz Pękala & Grzegorz Tarwid

Miłosz Pękala was a member of Kwadrofonik, one of the most cherished quartets in Poland. He’s a versatile musician, playing in Mitch & Mitch and exploring percussion together with Małgorzata Kordylasińska-Pękala in a creative mix of electroacoustic sounds.

An Unsound regular, Polish percussionist Hubert Zemler plays solo, in bands, and has never been constricted by any genre boundaries. He’s an expert in classical music, chamber music and experimental techniques, but knows how to play more popular genres. Grzegorz Tarwid is at the forefront of a new generation of Polish pianists. Together Pękala, Zemler and Tarwid will perform reinterpretations of two pieces by electronic musician Jlin, as well as interpret theatre and film scores by Penderecki.