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Schedule / SUNDAY 17 OCTOBER

A Collective Meditation With AI



While Warsaw artist Lensk performs music, author K Allado-McDowell hosts a collaborative meditation and writing session with AI. Why should writing or thinking be a lonely experience? What does it mean to imagine, to write, to dream with others? With AI? During this performance, the walls of Hevre will be lit by a constantly growing poem. This poem is the collective creation of the audience, K Allado-McDowell, and a cabal of anonymous AIs. Audience members are invited to converse on a Discord server, submitting metaphors, memories, dreams, descriptions, questions, answers and anything else, which K will feed into the machines, growing the poem. As words cross boundaries of the remote and the local, human and machine, voice and text, an ad hoc group mind pours itself in a poem. An excerpt from the resulting text will be projected in Kraków’s Old Town in the evening.