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Artist talk: Angel Bat Dawid - CANCELLED


Angel Bat Dawid is a composer, arranger, clarinetist, keyboardist and vocalist who is a key part of Chicago's creative music scene. Her albums have blazed a unique trail through free, experimental, soulful and spiritual jazz. Live, she is a bold performer with a rootsy yet thoroughly modern grasp of showwomanship. Angel Bat Dawid is greatly concerned with the role of women in music, the role of community and bringing about social change. Of the forces driving her to create, Angel Bat Dawid has said, ‘Tears are a survival mechanism for us to release our emotional pain, and blues and spirituals were the technologies that we used to activate that sympathetic system, so that we can survive trauma.’ In conversation with author and fellow musician DeForrest Brown, Jr., Angel Bat Dawid will discuss her life and music.