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Schedule / FRIDAY 15 OCTOBER




In this live-action roleplaying game by Susan Ploetz, participants will explore a variety of embodied extra-sensory techniques inside the fictional framework of a speculative institution called PSY-SOMA-TEK. Founded by a mysterious group in a time of crisis, the institute seeks to create sustainable psy-somatic technologies to find missing people, see into the past and future, communicate and connect across distances, decentralise knowledge and extend powers to those in need when the technocratic-suprastructures of the old order have started to fall apart. Participants will create characters and relationships, and figure out group/individual goals/journeys through this world. This LARP takes 4-5 hours, including workshop, play time and debrief. More detailed information and instructions will be sent by email after signing up. Participants can register via the Unsound website.