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“People who sleep. Work in progress" - Music Storytelling Workshop Summary


“People who sleep. Work in progress" - a show summing up the musical storytelling workshops conducted by Aśka Grochulska (Virtual Geisha), inspired by George Perec's" The Man Who Sleeps ". Working in two-person dramaturg-DJ duets, they create a collective work based on improvisation, which not only uses the tools developed during the workshops, but also, due to the place of implementation, is an invitation for the inhabitants of Krakow to become the heroes of the event. The individual elements of the event impose action in the form of an interdisciplinary orchestra, sensitize to other co-creators, require mindfulness and concentration for the subjects of narration and an appropriate degree of sensitivity and sensitivity that resonate with the surrounding reality, transforming it into an artistic work.

18.00-18.15 Introduction

18.15-18.45 - Stanisław Miczyk/Tomek Przetacznik - Adrianna Alksnin, Jakub Drewnicki, Marcel Osowick

18.45-18.55 - break

18.55-19.25 - I AM - Jakub Drewnicki

19.25-19.35 - break

19.35-20.05 - Nadia Rodnikovaya - Marcel Osowicki

20.05-20.15 - break

20.15-20.45 - Eta Hox - Adrianna Ewa Alksnin