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The fourth day of Unsound. What's on in Krakow? What's online?

The fourth day of Unsound. What's on in Krakow? What's online?

Welcome to the fourth day of Unsound! To begin, the latest information about tickets: there’s a batch of tickets online for Domain. Limited tickets will be available at the door. There are also a small batch of tickets online for the late night event Node. Regarding tickets at the door for Node, please follow Unsound Telegram or Unsound IG stories to get info when we’ll sell them at the door tonight - sometime after 00:30am. Tickets for Community of Grieving are on sale online and will be available at the door.  

And now a short preview of today's program. At 1pm, there’s a screening of films by two young artists from Krakow. The first is People From Here by Ewelina Węgiel, documenting the community around the first church built in Nowa Huta. The second is Greed for Speed, a work-in-progress by Jan Moszumański about the Tanzanian music genre Singeli. An additional ticket on top of the pass is required for this event. 

Also at 1pm, we’re presenting a talk with Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, a New York based experimental musician and composer, and the creator of the music for the film Candyman. The talk will be moderated by musician and writer DeForrest Brown, Jr.

At 2.15pm, Jennifer Lucy Allan will present a performative presentation based around her book The Foghorn’s Lament. This will be followed by a conversation with Kevin Richard Martin aka The Bug, on mutual sonic obsessions with the physical effects of music, sound and weather on our bodies, whether in the club or on the coast.

Music events start with Community of Grieving, an Unsound-commissioned performance by Zosia Hołubowska and Julia Giertz, drawing on traditions of vesper and lament involving electronic music, vocals, choreography and set design. The concert is not included in the ticket and requires the purchase of an additional ticket. The first session is at 3pm, followed by a second at 5pm. Tickets are available online, and will be available at the door. 

At 3.45pm, another artist talk features groundbreaking composer Annea Lockwood, who will talk about her long career and work, including the 1968 piece Piano Burning – to be presented at Unsound. The talk will be moderated by Jennifer Lucy Allan. This will be followed by author John Doran’s presentation Salford Psychic City, in which he suggests that Salford in Greater Manchester is a psychic city, a place where weird (wyrd) music predicts the future.

At 6pm “People who sleep. Work in progress" - a show summing up the musical storytelling workshops conducted by Aśka Grochulska (Virtual Geisha), inspired by George Perec's" The Man Who Sleeps ". 

Remember, all discourse events take place physically in Krakow and will also be streamed online. 

The music event Domain takes place in the ICE Theatre Hall at 7pm, with Giant Claw, Angel Bat Dawid; Miłosz Pękala, Hubert Zemler, Grzegorz Tarwid & Wiktor Podgórski; and Shackleton & Wacław Zimpel feat. Barbara Kinga Majewska & Aleksandra Klimczak. Limited tickets will be available at the door.

Saturday’s late night event will be held at Hypepark with ecco2k, The Bug feat. Dis Fig & Manga Saint Hilare, Sherelle b2b RP Boo, AceMoMa, Monster. Qba Janicki, We Will Fail, Naphta, De Schuurman, Diaki and Dis Fig. 

The full program of this year's festival can be found on our website

Latest Ticket Information: Telegram.

Reports from events, photos and announcements: Instagram and Facebook.