Moondog for Gamelan with Iwan Gunawan and Stefan Lakatos

Although often considered by many New Yorkers a simple busker, "the Viking of 6th Avenue" was a classically trained composer and a friend to New York Philharmonic conductor Artur Rodzinski and jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker, creating revolutionary and influential works combining classical music, jazz, Native American music and field recordings. Moondog for Gamelan sees acclaimed Indonesian composer Iwan Gunawan and his ensemble Kyai Fatahillah partner up with Stefan Lakatos, the owner of the original trimba - one of the inventions of the late visionary - to perform Moondog’s compositions on gamelan instruments, built specially for the occasion. The project was initiated by Europalia Indonesia and will feature an unheard piece written exclusively for Lakatos.

Rainbow Gum Oct 14 | 15:00

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