The Jon Gibson Group

Jon Gibson is one of the key minimalist musicians, an original member of the Philip Glass Ensemble who also performed at the world premieres of Terry Riley’s “In C” and Steve Reich’s “Drumming”. He was also a frequent Arthur Russell collaborator, an is an expert on woodwind instruments and an accomplished composer. His 1973 piece “Visitations” will be performed by his group, which also includes Britton Powell and Jonáš Gruska. For a special Unsound show, the group will also be joined by two Polish percussionists, Hubert Zemler and Miłosz Pękala. The piece departs from structured repetition and spans field recordings, ambient flutes, percussion, synthesizers, and free-flowing textures. Reimagined for modular synthesizers, “Visitations” will also be accompanied by “One Way”, a film shot by Gibson in 1970, taking the audience on a ritualistic road trip through American desert landscapes.

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