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Photo of Gamall Awad


Gamall Awad

Since late 1999, Gamall Awad has run the boutique Brooklyn-based music PR company Backspin Promotions which is one of the few POC owned and operated PR companies in the US. Backspin takes its name from drum 'n' bass DJs rewinding the hot record you wanted to check out again. Backspin has always been a small company and has always walked an ethical line (no corporate sponsors). Unlike most PR companies looking for the next big name to hype, Backspin has been focused on working with independent artist owned / run labels. Backspin has been fortunate to help advance the careers of a wide range of talent including legends J Dilla, DJ Rashad and over 300 other artists and over 60 labels. Backspin Gamall has also worked as a writer, actor, artist, film maker, musician, radio and club DJ, promoter, record label staffer, music consultant and record store clerk. Gamall also consults for Unsound, and did PR for New York editions of the festival.