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Unsound 2019 Day Two

Unsound 2019 Day Two

We won’t give you much rest after the opening party today, because the Morning Glory series is back yet again with another set of 11am shows! This year we’re opening with Anthony Pateras exploring psychoacoustic and quardrophonic qualities of sound at Manggha. Entry is free, doors open at 11am, and the concert starts at 11.30am.

The free discourse program starts at 12 midday, in Pałac Krzysztofory, and again entry is free. The ways European cities are shaped through cultural policies will be explored in a discussion, followed by a talk on how to act locally and also push for systematic change in the face of the climate emergency. Presentations include Ryan Diduck’s history of the links between the music industry and the world’s biggest beverage brands, as well as investigative journalist Mike Power on the source, environmental and cultural impact of MDMA and amphetamines. Krytyka Polityczna’s Agnieszka Wiśniewska will interview Henryka Krzywonos-Strycharska, a legendary 80s activist from the original Solidarity movement. 

Today’s film screenings at Kino Pod Baranami include Hi, Ai, about the relationship between human beings and robots, as well as Solidarity According to Women, documenting the  stories of women who were fighting for democracy in Poland in the 1980s. Screenings require an additional ticket on top of the pass.

An exhibition of the paintings of Ivan Seal starts today at 2pm at Grodzka 43. Seal is the painter behind the iconic covers of albums by The Caretaker.  In this exhibition, Cukuwruums, Ivan will hang a number of paintings in an abandoned apartment in Krakow's Old Town, where the space itself and the items within it become part of the work,  accompanied by music by The Caretaker. (Note, this is not an official opening - rather, the show will be open every afternoon throughout the festival, between 2-5pm.)

Finally, we return to Manggha in the evening. Opla - the new duo of Hubert Zemler and Piotr Bukowski - open with their modern interpretations of oberek, a traditional Polish dance, drawing on its trance-like qualities. Following the release of her critically acclaimed album Caligula, Lingua Ignota combines neoclassical music, black metal and noise to tell a personal story of abuse, rage and survival. Jonathan Uliel Saldanha’s HHY & The Macumbas. from Portugal, join forces with HHY & The Kampala Unit, another band he formed in Uganda in 2018. In this premiere, together they will explore dark, ritualistic corners of dub and jazz music. A limited number of tickets will be available in the festival office  at the door, depending upon capacity.

Remember also that Richard Mosse’s installation Incoming is open through the festival week at Bunkier Sztuki, as well as an exhibition of Polish sound postcards and David OReilly’s Everything

For details on every event today, please refer to the schedule.

The Festival Office is open every day until the end of the festival, between 12pm and 6pm. If you have a pass, that’s the place to pick up your wristband. You can also buy tickets here, but please check the availability on our ticket page first. The address is Pałac Krzysztofory, Szczepańska 2.