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Discussion: Music From the Edge


In the post-colonial era, many of the most exciting electronic and experimental music scenes are outside the usual cultural centres. In a world more connected than ever, how do we build momentum on interest in artists who break Western-centric models in relation to festivals, clubs and music media? This discussion between industry and artists from different corners of the globe seeks to share knowledge and collaborate on a more geographically inclusive view, to ensure the links are responsible and lasting. With Citizen Boy (Durban), Uwalmassa’s Harsya Wahono (Jakarta), Futura Artists agent and Cómeme label manager Avril Ceballos (Mexico City), SVBKVLT label founder Gareth Williams (Shanghai), and Nyege Nyege festival and label co-director Derek Debru (Kampala), moderated by Lisa Blanning.

The event is part of the INTER:FACE project commissioned by the Municipality of Kraków and Kraków Festival Office.