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Schedule / SUNDAY 06 OCTOBER

Presentation and Discussion: Borders, Power and Art


This talk is between Richard Mosse and Stefanos Levidis. Mosse is the creator of Incoming, a video art installation at Bunkier Sztuki as part of Unsound and Sacrum Profanum. Incoming documents aspects of the plight of refugees seeking asylum in Europe. Stefanos Levidis, from the multidisciplinary research group Forensic Architecture and Forensic Oceanography, uses photogrammetry, architectural techniques and other technologies to investigate and expose state violence and human rights violations around the world. With EU immigration policies a key reference point, the two speakers will present their work individually, then discuss the role of art in examining and representing state power and international borders, looking at the array of practices that can be mobilised to narrate and ultimately contest them. Moderated by art historian and critic Martyna Nowicka.

The project is a part of Unsound Lab, financed by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.